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  1. Great game, and Fev did very well to be right in it up to the [fairly] disallowed try. I'm really excited about Toulouse in SL next year. They certainly will need to strengthen, but as a very long-time RL fan, even I've been feeling it's all been a bit stale and same-old-same-old these last few years. I had stopped watching games which didn't involve Saints, and was feeling quite disenchanted. Toulouse offer something a bit new, a bit different, and after seeing the rise of Catalans into genuine contenders, I'm excited for what a potentially even bigger French team can bring in the future.
  2. Amazing game. Hated every second in the stadium because of the tension. Loved the outcome. I know people like to focus on the specific decisions which seem to favour/disfavour the team they wanted to lose/win. But that’ll always be the case and the fact is that this was a brutal, compelling final between the two best sides of the competition, and it showed. The refereeing - despite mistakes or interpretations - played its part in the production of that spectacle. One point - I haven’t rewatched on tv yet: the in-goal line markings weren’t entirely clear, but I thought that Saints’ second drop out at the end came from a clean arch by Percival who was in his own in-goal when he caught it. 20m restart, but a drop-out was given. I was a fair way from there, though. Did anyone see that incident?
  3. Wasn’t so much Catalans deserving to win it, as Saints not deserving to win it after the sort of cue-on-the-rack unprofessionalism we haven’t seen for some time. Looking at the first two of those final 3 tries, I think Wingfield might not be getting an extended run in the 1st team, too. bad night for Saints, but good for Catalans and French RL to get the LLS. That’s consolation.
  4. It’s worrying me they’re not showing a replay. They’re normally all over this stuff.
  5. I’ll be honest, I used to watch every to game on telly. Then I started not bothering with games involving the also-rans unless Saints were playing. But I always made the time to watch Leeds v Wigan, because it’s traditionally a quality game, big crowd and has trophy consequences. ###### me, though. At this rate I’ll be filing future games in the same category as Salford v Leigh and doing something else instead!
  6. For me, I started feeling more confident when I saw Percival’s reaction to tackling Olpherts into touch. Then I knew they still had their focus.
  7. Roby said it all then. The heat made it impossible to maintain the speed and ferocity of the 1st half. The 2nd half not a classic for neutrals, but I can tell you for a partisan, that was heart-pumping till the last 10 minutes.
  8. Couple of cas passes in that last set which would have graced a US Football match!
  9. My god, it’s a replay of the 1st half. Saints dominate the early play, then make terrible decisions with poor skill to bring cas back in.
  10. That’s true, but he didn’t. He jumped from the field of play because that’s where the last point of contact was.
  11. The last contact he has with the ground before touching the ball was his foot *in* the field of play. Therefore he was inside the pitch. It was the correct decision. Fine margins, but correct.
  12. It certainly saved Saints from conceding what would probably be the match-winning try. But Saints’ attack is not good. Our wins have been based on dominant defence, territory and taking and holding leads. Scoring against good defences, and coming from behind are not features of Saints this year. Im struggling to see Saints getting two scores. This performance is reminding me of the scoreless loss to Warrington.
  13. It would require a huge turnaround of skill by Saints to come back in this. They are totally dominated at the moment, and have given no indication that they have any attack beyond 5 drives and a kick.
  14. We need half-time desperately. Saints have lost their heads, their structure, everything.
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