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  1. I get that they have become somewhat cliched in their longevity, but the fact they remain as an ear worm for many is testament to the qualities they possess. What you have with ELO, Dire Straits, Elton John, Queen etc is that there are some of the worlds greatest composers and performers behind these bands. That often renders music timeless.
  2. I agree; which was the original point I made. Sadly, I also agree that it has been a disappointing end to the season, albeit one that I suspected would happen.
  3. I was always a Fighting ####* lad for my real ale fix in the 90s. *Won't get that past the swear filter!
  4. Forgive me. What are you arguing here? The downturn in form was Wembley, or Hooley not playing? You've challenged me that is was solely Wembley that led to the downfall and then provided evidence that it was Hooley's absence.
  5. 1. Since 2nd July, we only played 1 game against a team in the bottom half of the league, up until Whitehaven on 10th Sept. During that time, we went to Toulouse, then Fev, and clearly the week before and after Wembley was a difficult, if not typical run of results for a team immediately before and after a final. 2. How many games did we win this season, where the team we beat was above us at the time? Now, look at how many we lost in the same way. 3. You are directly linking our form with Hooley playing, so how many games did he play up to July 2nd?
  6. There are many other variables that contributed to the dip in form. Whilst the Wembley trip was IMO a distraction, it didn't 'ruin' the season.
  7. I know it will be at odds with some of the stuff spouted on the forums, but I don't think suggesting Batley didn't get the rub of the decisions at the same time as congratulating York on their run is in any way disingenuous or disrespectful. I don't happen to think York will go much further this season; not because Batley lost, but because I don't think they will go much further this season. I am not a ref-basher, by any stretch of the imagination, and I don't think it is unfair to point out that I felt - like a number of others (Batley fans or not) that there were some calls that, with the benefit of review, the ref would have changed. I am also perfectly clear that this wasn't an option last night, and am therefore perfectly happy to allow fate to play its part like it did. The notion that a trip to Wembley ruined a season is ridiculous. The notion that it was always going to be a tough season for Batley is not, and they are ending up very much where I had thought they would this year. That's sport. We get on with it.
  8. You made some really good points, and then….
  9. Some very harsh calls on Batley, at prime moments, but York have done well to capitalise on those bonuses. One step too far for Batley, who have faded in the last few weeks, and although York have probably left if too late, that's a fine run to the end of the season.
  10. Not seen a better try than that last York one this season. Excellent. Batley have not had the rub of a few decisions though IMO. All to play for.
  11. Rugby League is one of the most innovative sports in the world on the field. Unfortunately, the expertise to back up these ideas is sadly lacking at the governing body level (partly financial) and this creates an uncertain foundation for owners and investors, which leads to insular protection of their clubs at the expense of expansion of the game. In turn, the 'pull' that fixtures could create isn't great, as fans are reluctant to buy into the constantly changing league systems that restrict success to a minority of teams and a painfully fragmented and disjointed international programme. To put it a different way; As a result of the above, Rugby League as a sporting product (in the entertainment business) could have the gravitational pull of the earth, but it only generates that of the moon.
  12. I didn't know of the B&F, so will give that a try. Thanks for the info. I gather some of the local council policies have put additional strain on those businesses on North Parade, with parking fees over extended hours and the low emissions zone. It sounds like it has so much potential as a rejuvenated area of town.
  13. What’s the Sparrow like over the road? They’re all Kirkstall Brewary ales IIRC?
  14. There are some bars that operate on a kind of ‘stock exchange’ model of fluctuating prices. When demand for a certain drink rises, so does the price. This in turn means that other less popular drinks reduce in price. All prices are displayed on a screen. Anyone been to any of these?
  15. You pay a bit more at the Record Cafe, but I’ve never had a bad pint there. That’s worth the brass.
  16. Hopefully something we can aim for next year, now we’ve just got started! , …
  17. Kershaw is a trier. There’s no doubt in my mind that if more players gave what he does on the pitch, Wakey would not be about to be relegated.
  18. Some of the stick he gets is ridiculous; not because fans shouldn’t have a bit of banter with former players, but because it just seems to make him more determined.
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