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  1. Late onto this. Tried it this morning. No problems and straight forward. Code accepted, subscription live.
  2. It is certainly an ambitious long term plan. Best wishes. Their new temporary home was home to NEW Ravens RLFC last year too. I wonder if that arrangement will also continue? There's plenty of pitch space, but I can't recall any (or much) permanent seating. It may well be that a temporary stand is required, perhaps. We will watch this space.
  3. France too good. First time I have properly watched a game. Excellent.
  4. I think the yet to be formed Berkshire Whirlwinds and the Norfolk Cyclones have every chance of making their mark and expect Lincolnshire North Easterlies to be a growing force in the game.
  5. Coventry have come off the back of some superb community engagement this year, particularly with the try-tag programme. Their League 1 team have made a great fist of the season and now want to push on further. I think we are talking about two kinds of 'struggling to survive' here. Clearly the Midlands scene is not, in parts, what it was, especially in the senior ranks. Unless you are prepared to do it for yourself, it isn't going to happen I know too well that things are not easy, but that isn't to say some clubs aren't managing to do remarkable things. I voluntarily provided a minibus for Sherwood (I have no association with the club beyond friendly support), and drove it myself, so that they could take their team up to Dewsbury for a friendly this season. It was a day that they put 40 players out across two teams. On one side of the argument, you are right in the fact that other local clubs have not been there to play regularly, it is clear that Sherwood are making great strides forward, not backwards. Over in Bassetlaw, the Bulldogs have secured their own patch, built a clubhouse and run 4 junior age group teams with regular fixtures for all teams, all during the covid pandemic. They also managed to secure a few fixtures against YJL opposition. Bolsover are undertaking the very same process with their own ground and clubhouse and have taken at least one team forward into the Hull League. These clubs aren't struggling, they are growing - rapidly, but in a sustainable way. You are, however, totally right that there needs to be more clubs doing the same, and once more, it comes down to the fact that unless committed volunteers are prepared to stick it out for the long-run, it won't happen. Where I find the rebranding unclear is whether the intention is for this to be a team to appeal to the whole of the Midlands? With Wakefield, Castleford, Hull and Hull KR all closer than Coventry (or Birmingham) for those above mentioned teams, it isn't going to be easy to attract players or fans from the Eastern side, I would imagine. To even equal, say, Wakefield, they would need to provide Hurricanes on Tour training sessions at those clubs, run a Player Pathway system in a localised hub and run regular community playing events on matchdays. Wouldn't it be great if that's what they eventually achieve? All power therefore, to the Hurricanes for taking the punt. In the words of Wayne Bennett, 'Don't die with the music in you...'
  6. With increased junior participation and game time for at least 3 East Midlands clubs this year, it’s not a fair assessment of fighting to survive, alongside the ongoing success of both of Sherwood’s senior teams… Some clubs have made hay whilst the sun shone, including, but not exclusively, the Cov community programme. Indeed, a March to October junior season has been possible in the East, rather than shorter programmes elsewhere.
  7. There’s plenty of other activity being undertaken in the East Midlands at junior level (and with Sherwood Wolf-hunts two senior teams) where there is a real desire to do more than simply keep rugby league going.
  8. A brave decision with clearly a lot of thought given. In community RL terms, the Midlands ‘locality’ stretches from Telford to Immingham. That’s one heck of a large area to encompass in one brand. Are the plans focussed more around the West Midlands?
  9. There’s also a question of whether we actually need super league sides in certain areas for the grassroots game to exist. Whilst super league continues to make its own bed, attendances at local community clubs are, in many cases, increasing. RL doesn’t actually need super league to a great extent, but super league does need community activity.
  10. This is another real split of opinion, another concern about a man behind the plan and another concern about non-heartland RL. Not much changes in RL, despite all the changes!
  11. Absolutely right. A club that never played a game and one that is yet to. £6.2k followers.
  12. In the 3 hours of their social media history, they have already amassed 6k followers, just under half the amount of clubs such as Workington Town or Sheffield Eagles have, only 4k short of Doncaster and 2k short of London Skolars. Good start, I'd say.
  13. Can you go if you have a criminal record? Do you need a visa?
  14. This is, in my mind, a crucial piece of good news.
  15. Perhaps you have moulted every autumn, but never been in a two-mirrored changing room at the same time? Have you also stopped laying? ( I will set the jokes up for you...)
  16. If you were to sit in a bath of baked beans for charity, how much would you need to raise before you break even?
  17. That's a cracking finish! And then the French knock it straight out from the KO....
  18. England have stepped it up here, better ball retention and dominant in the ruck. Another well-deserved try and England are now out of sight.
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