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  1. I think Glenn works at Bradford grammar teaching union .
  2. I've not considered Holland , I might have a look thanks.
  3. I'll have a look at that cheers . Which ones have you been to ?
  4. I'm looking at a holiday next year in France , I've seen a few campsites that have lodges that are prefab/ modular build . It's been 15 years since I've been to France. Anyone been on one of these sites ? I'm looking at something in the centre or west coast way. Half term in May looks good value , probably drive down to the Chunnel.
  5. Any news on Wakey and Cas new stadiums ?
  6. I'm not sure if they are part time or full time makes a difference they are still paid and need the money. I never suggested they were to blame ,they are your words but unfortunately nothing is guaranteed no matter how much agents and club owners say otherwise.
  7. Those players that sign up I'm sure they know RL is littered with teams that have gone bust especially at this level. It's hardly a secure source of money , there are no guarantees that money will be paid out. They know how important the top 4 is in terms of money . Themselves and they agents they use would be naive to think otherwise. Of course they have the right not to tear up any contracts and stay on board.
  8. Thanks , there are a couple on there I've not looked at. At the minute I deal with fire safety. So something in that or possibly a move into wider statutory compliance and or PPM .
  9. Can anyone recommend a decent job site ? So far Indeed seem to be the best but I'm not sure if a should speak to an agency or just surf through the rubbish that some job sites have on .
  10. I'm not sure it was, there are other production lines of mini s on the continent , in Holland I think.
  11. Who are you both going to complain to ? What good will it do ?
  12. There were a lot of mad claims in the run up to the vote must have missed that one , though I'm sure someone probably said it.
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/aug/07/london-gets-24-times-as-much-infrastructure-north-east-england A hugely unfair spending balance , while living costs are more it's a ridiculous state. While cross rail is ongoing and future cross rails we have the oddball pacer trains that nobody wanted that are decades old. Manchester and Sheffield have pre victorian travel times and a motorway link that has been put off for 50 years.
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