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  1. Wow, wow, wow. Didn’t see that coming. Amazing defence throughout
  2. I’d be happy to see some of the “experienced” lads given the day off as happened in the last round. Big game to come next Friday.
  3. Thought it would. As I've mentioned several times there are a few members of my family who'd turn up more often if it was a tenner. Full marks to Batley for trying it and I hope it pays off for them.
  4. Of course BSJ. All limited companies pay the appropriate taxes. Just ask the bosses of many of our most famous coffee houses.....
  5. Might look amateurish but must help when dealing with HMRC !!
  6. Stanningley at home would be good but am fully expecting a trip to Cumbria as per tradition
  7. Anyone else noticed that Salford have nicked our kit? Apparently it was their first ever kit so maybe we took ours from them? All news to me. BSJ will know of course.
  8. Looked good against Bradford IMHO.
  9. Anyone know what the story is with Connor Davies? Was really looking forward to seeing him in this division after his exploits with Wales in the World Cup. Thought he was stand out for them.
  10. What a sad state of affairs. Really feel for those who had booked accommodation and were making a weekend in North Wales of it. Shame the RU boys didn’t know they were playing until just now or we might have had the decision to change the venue in time to save such inconveniences
  11. I see we will be playing Ashton Bears. I wonder if it'll be a Saturday or a Sunday.
  12. can you pay on the day?
  13. Obviously, but we still started to play a different style of rugby. Reckon we didn’t have the confidence to do so until that point
  14. Well. Think we found our best 13 today. The lads that were on the pitch for the final 15 mins. . Not sure what happened but suddenly felt I was watching a different team; one that wanted to offload, pass and back up. Liked the look of Simon Frewin. Only on for a short time but looked to have that spark we often miss.
  15. Def going ahead. Too much brass at stake and it ain’t exactly monsoon weather. Even the Ship Inn isn’t under water yet
  16. Can anyone remember what exactly the relationship the Club announced with Shaw Cross at the beginning of last season that resulted in the massive attendance at the Widnes game? I ask because my nephew has just started his 2023 training with the Sharks under 15 team and is having to travel to Bell Vue, Wakefield ....Seems a bit strange. Surely this is the sort of thing that we could be helping with??? Half those lads live just around the corner as do their parents..
  17. That’s my point. I can sit now for the same price as it is to stand. Perfect.
  18. Ain’t fussed about south stand being shut this year. Makes perfect sense financially and the club have done the right thing by letting people sit for a reasonable price. I’ll be standing happily behind the sticks (for one year hopefully )
  19. I see the online ticket is a good £5 cheaper than paying on the gate....£10 is a great price, lets hope it does attract enough to open the South Stand. That said we managed quite nicely without it for the Huddersfield & Hull KR games last winter.
  20. Great idea. Hopefully we’ll be doing the same with little away support time to try and tempt the locals in.
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