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  1. Stop it. That’s our best move. We’ve been practising it for the last few years
  2. Thought Davey looked pretty solid on defence yesterday.
  3. Too true BSJ. Such a shame we can’t train whoever is doing the Facebook and Twitter feeds to do the website too. That would sort it.
  4. I think you’re saying exactly the same BSJ. You’ve just worded it differently.
  5. Here here. Well said silcoates. My dad and brother both stopped watching in last two years after supporting the club for donkeys and, as you say, they aren’t the only ones.
  6. It’s at Batley. Bizarre. Thought it was our turn.
  7. "has one"...? I have a cupboard full
  8. I hi cares? Everyone on that list would be a better 13 than any we’ve had of late.
  9. We shall be forever fighting over scraps then BSJ, no matter how eloquent dog father put it. If we survive at all of course. we haven’t allowed the game to get an unfashionable image, so don’t blame yourself. That image was there from the very start and the media, in its many guises, have propagated that image at every opportunity. RL is northern and we all know what that means to the mainstream. That won’t change in my lifetime and longer. If tv needs to set a northern scene? Cue the image of terraced houses. in the short term I will not be dissuaded from the point that around Dewsbury £18 is too much for the fare on offer. Sorry.
  10. If the game plan is the same as last year there would be no point playing Knowles or Speakman at 13 but maybe this year we will be modelling ourselves on St Helens so would need someone with some flair........PLEASE...please......
  11. Ain't a clue about many of the new lads so hard to pick anything at the mo. What I do know is that Chris Annakin would never have been a 13 in the good old days...Makes me sad just to think about all those ball handling loose forwards of old. These days it seems you're just another battering ram. Why can't Michael Knowles play there? At least he can pass a ball and hasn't got a bad kicking game. You could put Dom Speakman there too for the same reasons... I think you have to have a fit Jason Walton in any starting line up and am surprised you have no place for Jimmy Beckett. He made a big difference when he played last year.
  12. I’d agree most of us would pay anyway but It’s not about the regulars and when they would be put off. It’s about attracting the half interested and maybe’s and you either improve the product or charge less imho. If we improve next year that’s a start but it might be easier to charge less. I agree that even that is a gamble that might actually backfire. Would be in charge eh?
  13. Fair comment and I agree entirely with the thrust of your argument but unfortunately there ain’t any rugby union type middle class in Dewsbury and even if there were the battle to attract such an audience was lost years ago. Just check out the coverage of middle class sport in the times and telegraph and compare it to how they cover RL. No matter what we’ve tried over the years it hasn’t worked. There’s tonnes of interest in RL around here. Just go and watch how many there are watching the young uns games taking place as close as Shaw Cross. It’s these we need to attract and you won’t by charging close to £20. Not unless you are challenging for the top of the table
  14. It’s a point of view. Maybe I chose the wrong analogy for a rugby forum. I’ll put it simpler. Although we’ve discussed it many times and I understand why the club charges it- £18 is too much to watch the sort of fare championship rugby offers up most weeks and it does nothing to attract would be spectators and the half interested.
  15. Good point 80 mins as been painful enough over the last few seasons
  16. About right I’d say. Think the pack looks ok this time around, especially if Jason Walton stays fit, but we’ve lost Sam Day and we’ve no idea how our half backs will go. Hope I’m wrong of course.
  17. Agree. Most clubs charge too much anyway for an eighty minute game. I follow both cricket and rugby and it’s £18 to see both. One game I get 80 mins, the other a full day at a top class stadium with a seat.
  18. Never happened in the old days....
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