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  1. Never happened in the old days....
  2. The RL, as ever, need a kicking over this. Why release the date early if you don’t know where it’s going to be and why oh why couldn’t they have warned that it might not be at Blackpool? **** ups and breweries spring to mind yet again.
  3. Hope nobody has booked their B&B already
  4. Plenty of local derbies there….not! Thank goodness Toulouse have gone at least.
  5. Providing he actually makes it on to the pitch thats great news...
  6. Worst possible news even though 100% understandable. Will be hard to replace and let’s hope someone steps up and does his tackling which is a big ask. good luck Sam.
  7. Shame if we lose Oakes. Class player. Saw him on the pitch before kick off and was surprised he couldn’t make the 17. Shame to lose Martin too. Think he’d come into his own in an attacking team (so obviously wasted here) As you say. We’ll see. We’ve all gotten used to the yearly merry go round since that Bosman changed things forever
  8. NickD

    Beer money

    Not sure what deal we’ve struck with Bradford for today but I hope it includes us keeping the beer takings. Should shift a few pints in this weather
  9. I agree Coolie. All this doom and gloom about going out of business if we go down. Really? Just had a look, plenty of familiar teams down there that have survived the drop. We would too and we'd be playing teams at a similar level which would lead to more competitive games. Never thought I'd be posting this but as things stand at the moment I won't be splashing out £185 on a season ticket for 2022 to watch another desperate Championship season. Charge £150 and give me games against Hunslet, Keighley etc and I'll buy two. Sorry, but like all those faces we don't see anymore, season after season of relying on other teams to be worse than us is draining and getting the lad to come with me this season has proved near impossible. He will be another lost supporter in the age group we need most......My Dad and brother have also stopped attending now. Another season of defeat after defeat won't get them back either....
  10. Some good points Coolie but for me the main worry is all those missing faces you mention. . Definitely the case in our little section of the south stand and I’m not sure they’ll come back. They certainly won’t pay £18 to watch the style of rugby we’re playing at present. Lots of talk about how to get people to come but the only way to get fans back is to start winning and the way funding works at present together with the current gates we’re getting means it won’t happen soon and I can’t seem a way out. Perhaps controversial, but maybe a season in championship one might be the answer
  11. Gotta stick with Dean and Smith for me. I know we’ll lose Dean next season but need to start preparing Smith now. Sykes back in centre please.
  12. I’ll guess Mr Finn. Was in squad but not mentioned in dispatches
  13. Really rated Hall too. Big lad who always looked to get the ball away. thought he had a big future tone honest....
  14. They got more than 1000 more than us each home game. That’s gunna be close to £18000 more each game. Times that by number of home games and it’s a few Bob.
  15. Dunt matter if there’s pits or not. They have bigger gates, better sponsorship, excellent relationship with the Rhinos and henceforth ….a much bigger pot of brass to work with. we could be top of the league and wouldn’t get gates anything like theirs.
  16. Couldn’t agree more and my feeling in that first half was that we weren’t missing any of the “old hands” Get Day, Walton and Ryder back in Sunday’s team and I’d be a happy bunny.
  17. NickD

    Dale Ferguson

    Great start for us. Long May he stay. Actually looks like a forward
  18. Really pleased for the lads and thought we looked more lively than usual in the first half but boy oh boy. What is it about getting a lead and then losing our way? Another day they wouldn’t have bombed those late chances on our left …Much more lively at half back and even a few offloads but the biggest difference today was taking those two sets of two points when they were on offer. Well done all.
  19. I’ll go Dewsbury 12-22 Widnes
  20. Does he know what an offload is? If so he’ll be wasted here
  21. Definitely need to try something on this front. Expecting people to pay £18 to watch what we are seeing at present is a big ask... what about something like £30 for last three home games...Risks upsetting season ticket holders but Id pay that....
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