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  1. I thought that when we signed Mulhern and look how that's turned out.
  2. Structure as nothing to do with tackling technique, he got found out in the world cup and didn't go unnoticed at leigh.
  3. Leigh didn't say that well, they didn't have too, wakey are worse team I have ever seen in SL even worse than us the last 2 times we have been in, full credit to the wakey fans that are turning up to watch that.
  4. Disgraceful rfl leigh loose obrian for 11 day after a late shot to the head, wardle gets a £250 fine, so much for player welfare great deterrent.
  5. Sure Lam said in his last interview it is now week to week .
  6. Good commentator but is it me does he give Micky mac the mom every time cat are on sky.
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