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  1. You should know by now every thread turns into a let's have a go at leigh and DB thread.
  2. Wish I had a pound for every time wigan score in the last 5 minutes before half time.
  3. Can you tell me how many SL clubs take 2000 away, the last time we was in SL the only team to bring more than 2000 to leigh was saints and hkr in the cup.
  4. He didn't say anything about his team should be, he would asked a question and gave his opinion it may upset a few people but hes probably right.
  5. Love to sign him just to ###### off all the green eyed SL fans off cause there clubs can not afford him, great to see a player of his calibre in a leigh shirt.
  6. You dont call them floodlights do you iv seen brighter flashlights and what grass.
  7. Remember watching him at central park George fairbairn was the full back he kicked off to Des and turned to go back to his position and Des passed him and under the sticks.
  8. RIP Des watched him in the eighties for leigh one of the best wingers of his day, and a true superstar in every way.
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