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  1. Just read on love rugby league Bevan French is on his way back to wigan, nobody else wanted him.
  2. So you don't know how much is contract is then , and which clubs would you describe as ambitious wakey huddersfield cas because if leigh had no ambition they wouldn't have applied for SL on a reduced payout.
  3. So because inglis signed six months ago he's a good signing even though no other club wanted him.
  4. That's right he will fit in well in SL with the rest of the not wanted in the NRL aussies.
  5. ####### myself at some of the posts on here, talking as if the rest of SL clubs have signed top aussie players at the top of there game, SL is and always be a retirement home for Aussies to end there careers just look at Inglis.
  6. Isn't thet the same with all the aussie imports, if they was still that good they would still be playing nrl.
  7. If I was you I wouldn't let eaves go any where he's some prospect that lad and why let him go anywhere when he can learn from a master.
  8. I have made an appeal to our league for my money back after listening to wilkin waffle on about how good saints are instead of commentating on the game.
  9. Think the wigan board need to sit down with him and ask him what he is up to, you cant have someone in your team who isn't fully behind your cause.
  10. If he isn't good enough for England ru, what makes you think he's good enough for England rl, he hasn't exactly been ripping trees up in RU.
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