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  1. Ecky was also a life member of the Town club. I believe he was appointed by Tom Mitchell who was an admirer of Ecky. Has anybody any idea of other Town rlfc life members?
  2. I am a town supporter and feel the potential gate capacity of 5000 is a little bit light. I can't understand people bothering about Mark Jenkinson now as he is no longer a councillor.
  3. I knew Ecky as a friend. Worked in different departments at Chapel Bank. Had drinks in Seaton British Legion. RIP pal.
  4. All the very best Town fans and your families. Be sensible and stay safe.
  5. I feel that a proven head protection should be compulsory for each player as a starter.
  6. Rest in Peace Ged, you were a good friend to me especially when I was NZ. My thoughts are with Deb and Ben.
  7. I would like to see a return to the old scrums where the hooker had to hook the ball.. Hooking was a skill and it brought variety into the game.
  8. Been to Greymouth, international rl is played there, but it is only a small town with a small stadium.
  9. Town's Billy Ivison was the daddy of them all for both attack and defence.
  10. I am celebrating today, 75 years as a home and away Town supporter.I attended Town's first home game on 25/08/1945 with two other 15 year old Seaton pals, Glen Lamb and Allan Nixon. Sadly both passed away many years ago. Arnie.
  11. Nice guy with a lovely sense of humour, you will be missed. condolances to the family. RIP George.
  12. I believe Gus turned John McKeown down.
  13. No, Broughton Rangers was my first professional game. I attended Haven's first game also. Jack Kitchen the great Bradford Northern centre became their first coach.
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