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  1. Feel that the answer to the financial problem of rugby league is the type of rugby played. Cut out all the negative rugby and reintroduce fast flowing open exciting rugby league. Supporters like to see trys scored not boring five tackles and a kick.
  2. What about players that won the league champonship and went to Wembley three times?
  3. Thanks will pay on Sunday. Who to?
  4. Put me down for 2. Arnold Ainsworth
  5. old un

    Away shirt

    As a 15 year old was at that very first game with two Seaton pals. The only thing I remember was George Armstrong scoring the first try and Denis Cavanagh kicking the first goal. I would like to know that team that day. Reference to the Tangerine shirt, it was all tangerine. I seem to think it was used as the way shirt. I believe it was worn the first time on Gus Risman's home game for Town on his return from the 1945 'Indomitables' test matches in Oz along with prop Fred Hughes.
  6. I recall in the 1940,s, Cumberbatch playing for Barrow followed by Roy Francis playing for Barrow.
  7. You must be an old man, I can remember Pool Road houses being built and the Salterbeck cricket ground when I was a youngster.
  8. A very good and well thought out item.
  9. The supporters and the club directors should always be ambitious.
  10. old un


    Disgusting statement, you are a disgrace to your lub.
  11. W are strugling to run two, how could we run three? Crazy!
  12. It is a well known saying 'In life people resist change'. I as an 88 years old supporter following Town from its very first professional game in 1945 believe we cannot stand in the way of progress. It is fairly obvious to me if for only economic reasons the two clubs combined to make one club savings would be hugely significant.
  13. Many thanks to the TRSC for presenting the Hall Park Hotel RACE NIGHT and for all those who supported the event. The Hall Park Hotel turned out to be a good fixture. Again, thanks!
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