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  1. There are plans and it needs to happen but there's no definite form to it, it may merely end up promotion and relegation with minimum standards. A lot depends on what happens with the amateur game switching from winter (if it happens), the RFL wanted something like: Super League Championship National 1 National 2 West/East/South etc. But the NCL want to stay as they are (perhaps in summer) and the other leagues aren't keen to switch. 2-up-2-down is destroying clubs but a licensed Championship would need to be bigger and you need something better than the RLC to put excluded C1 clubs in (or else attract clubs to step up to C1 from the NCL plus Bramley with lower entry criteria)
  2. Yeah while I still think the NCL will probably switch at some point but only on its own terms not as part of a pyramid (unfortunately IMO) and juniors likely will, I can't see the BARLA leagues agreeing to it. The RFL have a centralised coach company which pushes down the travel prices but it's still a huge cost I can't see them keeping it long term (perhaps better just to pay travel by and to Hemel in the NCL?). Last year there seemed to be efforts to drum up interest in going back towards the old format (play your region twice and the other region once) or something along those lines, maybe north and south with cross division fixtures, but the travelling was still too much for southern clubs so seems to be either a north/south split or not at all. Yeah either that or something like North Wales Crusaders depending on how wide you want to appeal
  3. FFS get a grip on reality. Toulouse were 7th before they joined the Championship so couldn't compete with Lezignan there. Any idea of Toulouse in SL from 2012 is a joke, pure and simple, whether Crusaders is okay we'll see, I'm not so positive about it as I was a month or two ago. Toulouse WILL NOT be in SL in 2012, just accept it. It's only Australians proposing this from the other side of the world, all our resident expansionists (except the nutter Paris) have accepted it
  4. Bramley can't get the ground for Championship 1, I'd hope that when they license (and hopefully expand) the Championship they'll relax Championship 1 standards, or ideally have a unified pyramid if the amateur game goes summer. Hemel it's a tough one, once the NCL switches to summer I'd like to see them rejoin that as it would give them more games and they do meet the off field standards. Nottingham could go either way, north or south but I think north would be less travel. Since none of the southern sides have any intention of ever stepping up it would be better to build up a southern competition (include some or all of the midlands), whether this is something for next year or something to work towards I don't know, rather than having a RLC National with no side south of Coventry (we're about as far south as you can be and still manage it and even then only if the RFL still pay for all the travel costs). The NCL would be there for southern sides wanting to step up anyway, so no need for another northern based national competition. Hemel don't actually pay for the bills as the RFL cover all travel costs for the RLC National, but can't see that continuing if they have another national summer comp with better on and off field standards and if Hemel (and perhaps Nottingham) joined better geographical spread
  5. Perhaps when there's a RLCN South that would be a good place to start? The RLCN won't survive the NCL switch to summer under the current format IMO. Also the southern teams (Hemel aside- they could go NCL or something) can't sustain trips up north every other weekend so there needs to be something above the local leagues for these teams that's not fully national
  6. You do realise that first seasons in a new location are almost certainly better crowd wise than a second season? Plus lack of history won't pay the bills. I hope Crusaders survive in Wrexham, but I'm not as sure they will as I was a couple of months ago
  7. The Carmarthenshire proposal is a suggestion for CPC Bears who are one of the weaker Premier Division sides, and the theory was based on them having 4 feeder sides this year. All 4 turned out to be fictitious, but they managed to get something by effectively a forced merger of all 4 sides. Don't think they'll get anywhere, maybe we could get 2 good proper amateur clubs in Wales feeding into the Scorpions (one to be Bridgend or Pontypridd based, the other could be somewhere Monmouthshire/Gwent I guess) playing in a better competition, with the Welsh Conference below that as a way of introducing RU players into the game
  8. You mean Rugby League Conference? No, most of the games are now getting called off presumably because some players would rather go to RU pre-season 6-8 weeks before the season starts than play rugby league. Maybe between all the clubs you could get something but I'd rather start off with a Scorpions reserve team before we look at another pro side
  9. There were 2 proposals yes, but I don't think there was ever the player base for 2 sides, so more a case of either or. The other proposal were to be Bridgend based. Blackwood Bulldogs considered it at one point but they can't even fulfil their fixtures as it is
  10. Unless Toulouse make this year's grand final it would be impossible for them to get in without the RFL being pathological liars. Having said that if Catalans were still finishing 3rd there'd be a better base for Toulouse if they could pick some players up there, but Toulouse would still have to be okay first. Bringing in a 2nd SL French club when the one club is down the bottom would be ludicrous, but that doesn't mean they should automatically bring Toulouse in when Catalans have a good season unless Toulouse can also justify it. And aren't Catalans having a player exodus?
  11. The Super League record low crowd is 500 (Paris got it- forget who against) and I think there's a real chance this will be broken
  12. SL wasn't full of French players before the Federation trained rule was brought in (there were a couple), so not sure how much of a difference it will make, though I guess 5 years of Catalans will see a few more players floating around. Toulouse in SL would be reckless at a time when Catalans are struggling
  13. Depends which wasp, some wasps eat nectar but most eat other insects I think
  14. Look who's top of AA North, Bolton Robots of Doom legendary name. But on topic not sure how this will effect us. Seems a logical merger I was worried when I first heard rumours of Sport England going. We may lose out as a non-Olympic sport but can't see funding restricted to Olympic events as not just us but also cricket would lose out. The Sport England money is doing us a lot of good in the midlands (along with the hard work of volunteers of course) and sure it is elsewhere too.
  15. They have in the past, but can't see it being accepted again especially if they remain as Quins
  16. Also salary cap points deductions got doubled a few years ago
  17. London in name only too, though got the right idea leaving London to better markets elsewhere
  18. Well you'd meet criteria if you make the final this year, but I can't see why they'd chuck 2 clubs out for you unless 2 clubs hit financial trouble (not impossible) or more likely 3 with Halifax getting in. Barrow, Featherstone and Batley have no chance and everyone else will be ineligible
  19. Yeah other than you there's noone really suitable to move up. Maybe Halifax at a push.
  20. Did they go bust or just administration? Gateshead definitely went bust
  21. Even then they're ineligible. If a team goes bust most likely whoever would have gone down will get a reprieve. Nothing short of a big French TV deal allowing expansion of SL would see them in before 2015 and even then it's not looking likely unfortunately
  22. Theoretically would probably be a better word. I meant it should be open to British and Irish clubs even if in practice there won't be any of the latter at least in the immediate future
  23. Actually by Toulouse's biggest proponent
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