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  1. Iv bought a vest and shorts in XL & 2XL and both were true to size, good fitting as well
  2. Widnes ICI shirt was good but these 2 from early 90’s I didn’t mind either
  3. Good solid performance today with some great tries, well done all
  4. I take it every club does a 3 day Oktoberfest then if it’s not original or trendsetting.
  5. I’m pretty sure Rob & Garry Purdham played together at Whitehaven
  6. I was going to mention Les, also from the Barrow team of the 80’s full back Steve Tickle and loose forward Derek Hadley were regularly touted as the best uncapped players in their positions
  7. Very impressive work going on away from the playing field.
  8. Yes his brother is called Robert, a giant of a man like Ralph.
  9. I was gutted when I heard of Keith’s passing yesterday, As one of the clubs historians he had great knowledge of the club and was great company to be in, a straight talking man who is the type of person I like to know, condolences to Trisha, Kathy & Louise & the rest of the family. Phil
  10. I’m pretty certain they have never played together in a Raiders shirt.
  11. The shape Liam Harrison keeps himself in he could still dance around this league now if he wanted and he’s not played for a few seasons.
  12. Had to google that but it looks very much like it
  13. I remember going to Doncaster and they played at a dog track for a season after they left Tattersfield, approx 1996/97
  14. Yes Jim I got bored watching it, possibly as it was the fairly monotonous nature of the attacks with neither team breaking the other down. The finish was brilliant and for me that’s what will make the game memorable, the previous 79minutes however didn’t grip me, As for coming into existence to agree with Gubrat haha, it seems a pattern in life now you can’t have a different opinion to the masses without getting panned for it.
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