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  1. When they became Pro they upgraded to a supermarket sandwich & a packet of crisps each! Just what was needed after a game and then having a 6hr bus trip home! I presume the catering has improved from 2007!
  2. does anyone know factually if MND is more common in men than women? Of all the people both famous & people who Iv heard locally to me I can’t recall any females being affected
  3. Until other clubs can guarantee a split share of a 900 crowd Barrow will keep playing home friendlies I would guess
  4. Nothing if they set off in good time
  5. There’s no reason the game should be cancelled because of this, there are diversions in place so North Wales simply follow them, problem solved
  6. Before my time to know as a player but many say one of the hardest players to have played the game has sadly passed away, Iv heard many great stories of him as a coach and his working life as an electrician in the Barrow Shipyard!
  7. RIP Frank, legend of the club & the town
  8. Can only go back to the 82 kangaroo tour when I started watch RL, Il probably forget some players as well! 1. B Slater 2. E Groth 3. M Meninga 4. G Inglis 5. M Offiah 6. B Kenny 7. J Thurston 8. A Morley 9. C Smith 10. S Burgess 11. S Kearney 12. W Pearce 13. E Hanley
  9. The Langworthy hardman got sine die with a right to appeal after 2 years, I personally have no sympathy.
  10. Swinging arm on a tackled players then the cheapest of cheap shots on a player not even looking, what a hardman...NOT! I hope he gets the most severe punishment.
  11. Maybe Barrow have been proactive to market the club and to gain more followers?
  12. I don’t think Barrow let him go, doesn’t he work at Sellafield and live up that way and didn’t want the travel?
  13. Ok, I never heard it, maybe the plan is to go with 25 and if needed the new squad building fund will pay for loan players coming in if needed?
  14. Has it been said we are going in with a smaller squad, there’s only 26 players listed above who played last season which is really small, surely we can’t use so few again next year?
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