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  1. Barrow138Nottingham Outlaws 0 is to the best of my knowledge the record (unless anyone knows better)
  2. Cumbria is not a REAL county it was formed in 1974 by a stupid civil servant, Barrow, Workington and Whitehaven were formed a lot earlier
  3. Headingly ... Yes please I like Leeds for a booze up
  4. According to an article on one of the Rugby paper sites our match at Widnes away and York at home have been selected for TV anyone able to confirm this?
  5. Looks like this is going to happen now and no I do not have the winning lottery numbers
  6. Does anyone have a definitive list of who we loaned in the 2004 season (the year Peter Roe got us promoted)?
  7. That could be it , have we ever had Ben on loan? 2004 perhaps
  8. Did Liam and Ben play together for us in the mid 2000's or is my memory playing tricks?
  9. To be honest if I was the backer of Ottawa and seen how the RFL treated Toronto I would be having second thoughts
  10. Simple the RFL still have a grudge against Barrow for Des Johnson's antics 10 years ago. If it had been west wales and us they would have picked west wales
  11. I thought Ottawa bought their license so technically ottawa are Hemel but in canada
  12. Its been confirmed sadly, Jono wanted to finish his career at N.Wales
  13. According to the crusaders website he has signed for them in 2021
  14. Barrow are apparently entering according to their facebook page Here is the article Barrow Raiders held a board meeting tonight and have decided that they will play in the 125-year cup competition. The board recognised that the competition will cost the club money, especially for COVID testing, and the easy option was not to play. The board feel that their primary responsibility is ensuring a solvent club but we believe that entering the competition does not put the club at risk. We have all worked very hard to put the club in a strong financial position and we feel that we owe it to our fans, sponsors and the town to do our absolute best to try to get rugby back underway. We are also sending a message that Barrow Raiders is a well run club able to prosper even in the most difficult of circumstances.
  15. He was quite a good player at our level when he wanted to be but occasionally had days where he looked uninterested and did not bother trying
  16. We should call this pub the hideaway as we are staying in hiding from that v***s
  17. He went on the local floating nightclub and punched a hole through a bar pump, I am not certain but IIRC (can anybody confirm either way)he had a spell in HMP for A/GBH
  18. Is this the Ian Bell who ended up at Barrow(08 ish)& Doncaster played center or a different one?
  19. For some reason I think there were teams in Barrow in the 80's called the "Railwaymen" and one based at the Prince of Wales pub. Anybody know what happened to them?
  20. Well done on reaching the grand final, you deserved it. from a Barrow fan. I hope we will meet you there
  21. Hello Myself and my daughter will be travelling across this Thursday and I was wondering what the catering facilitys (beer and food) are like . Can somebody please advise. Also how much of the stadium will be open. Thank You Kevin
  22. I if recall correctly Barrow Rugby and Barrow football use the same stewards and as Barrow football are at home on this date this fixture might change again
  23. Prepare for a masterclass in how not to referee , we get him at Barrow regular and he always has a poor game and has had to be escorted off the pitch after some matches.
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