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  1. Toronto Arrows have an e-programme from their game against Houston on their website.
  2. Can the face coverings be bought at the club shop?
  3. Maillot Francais - https://maillotfrancais.fr/3-la-boutique-des-clubs Toulouges Panthers, Le XIII Baroudeur Pia, Salses XIII & US Ferrals available Neo Logik- https://neologikboutique.fr/clubs/ XIII,Catalan, RC Baho XIII, Bacares XIII (Academy), Pia Bompas XIII (Academy) Both these companies are based in Perpignan but are very difficult to deal with. Neo Logik will post out but it was hard getting this information out of them. Maillot Francais - it says on there website that they offer free postage but they don't. Not even to France. You have to collect from their f
  4. There are Catalans Dragons programmes being sold on ebay for their home games against Huddersfield and Cas. They are listed as unofficial 8 page issues but they are being sold from Belarus !! I'm guessing that they may never have actually visited France.
  5. M60 programmes are selling printed copies of Saints v Salford and also a Leigh programme from this season. Maybe "testing the water" to see if there is a market?
  6. I thought we were out enthused today. Luckily we had a bit of luck with awkward bounces which led to tries. The weather and conditions were the same for both sides and if West Bowling had won it would have been a fair result. I thought they might tire in the second half but they were a credit to the club. Sad to see we are not issuing a match programme this season as we have lost money on them. Maybe someone at the club needs to talk to the Zebras who issue every home game, free of charge and with extremely small crowds. How can they do that?
  7. Workington Town are not issuing anything this season. No online programme either. They are issuing a bi monthly newsletter online which they claim is replacing the programme. You do have to take out a £10 monthly membership to access this. I was told the programme was losing money. Maybe if they had someone actually selling them they may have sold a few more. Yesterday I went to watch Workington Zebras RUFC in the low level.Cumbria League. £3 to get in which includes a free full colour glossy programme. The attendance was about 50. Go figure?
  8. The seating is low down to save on expenditure but useless to view from. The Salford stadium is designed to be "outgrown" and is a very budget oprion.
  9. If the miracle happens we will get a replica of Salford City's stadium. If you read the Stadium Solutions website this stadium was designed to be "outgrown" basically a short term solution. I'm thinking if anything is built it will be a version of East Fife or Dumbarton's one stand stadium with the proviso that further stands could be built if either club progresses.
  10. The Batman of Seaton and his followers on the Reds forum have also gone very quiet as well.
  11. The usual twisting of facts to try and justify their actions.
  12. It's quite simple really. He has to keep a group of Seaton residents happy to ensure he gets re-elected in 4 years time. 600 votes should do it. He's joined the committee at Seaton Rangers and I'm sure he'll deliver funding to sort out another pitch for them. Then he can bang on about his support of grass root youth sports = a vote winner in his ward and at Seaton Rangers. He'll also keep on picking up dog ###### to get the votes. Deals will be done with the rest of the executive for their pet schemes to be delivered so they support each others. Finally he's hoodwinked enough peopl
  13. Jenkinson's £95 million liability. That would only be the case if the Reds, Town, NHS & Sellafield pulled out and no other tenants were found in a 50 year period. Likewise no one hired the 3G pitch in a 50 year period.
  14. Jenkinson's comment on the Seaton Rangers facebook site. Notice "I". You see he is spinning and twisting facts again regarding the pfi rate of interest. "I’d much rather see investment in grassroots facilities Gilly. I couldn’t commit the council to a £95m, 50 year PFI. There’s councils up and down the country trying to get out of them. Imagine still being in a PFI lease on Derwent Park today, which is about 53 years old." So I'm.predicting a new training pitch in Seaton just before the next election to ensure he gets another term.
  15. It's all about context. So the council officers have been told to go away and come up with a new scheme. So this means a complete new plan - so we need new plans, consultation and a business plan drawn up. How long will that take? Then planning would need to be applied for, building tenders and finally construction. That's a very simplistic view but in reality how many times will it have to be presented to the executive? I can't see any way a stadium can be ready in time for the RLWC and would it meet their stadium and facility criteria? More importantly this is a great delayi
  16. I think the guy will thrive on this in a narcissistic way. It will be a badge of honour for him if he kills off one of the clubs. Notice already how he is getting more press than the council leader. Don't be surprised if he takes over as leader before their 4 year term is over. Notice his comment that he wants an investment in grass roots sports. Running track for Seaton AC incorporated into the new stadium design ??
  17. Jenkinson got voted in because he picks up dog poo in Seaton. This isn't a surprise or a shock. We all knew it was coming. It's probably unfair to throw all the ###### at Jenkinson (although he would pick it up) - there have been other councillors that have been gobbing off all the time against the scheme - Cooke (Silloth) and Finlay (Hayton). This in turn with a deluded group of Reds supporters who are against the stadium, have a hatred of Town and do not want to share a facility. I've been a Reds and Town supporter for 41 years but I've just about had my fill of the Reds. I feel sorry
  18. Unfortunately there is a hard core of Reds supporters who have no intention of moving from Borough Park. As it was put to me by an ex director of the club "It's all we need". Unfortunately there are too many people at the Reds who have influence but due to their mess ups over the years have left the club in the state it is in. There are also supporters who think they are going to get Borough Park rebuilt through grants and will force Allerdale BC to grant them a new long term lease. They think they can get the current lease null and voided by taking Allerdale BC to court.
  19. My first seaon playing Rugby League in the South was 90-91 for Cambridge City Tigers. That was in the London League Division1 which was a really hard league. Lots of Kiwis and Aussies played in those sides. I think we lost every game that season the other sides were South London, Hemel, London Colonials, Peckham, Fulham Travellers, St Marys and Milton Keynes. I remember playing against Peckham at Battersea Park with the after match hospitality in a pub which appeared to be miles from there. All we got was a tray of cocktail sausage rolls. After that season our esteemed leader and spon
  20. Just a few I can remember - Walnut Warriors (Wakefield) what happened to them? I played against the in a National Cup fixture for Cambridge City Tigers in 1991. Cambridge City Tigers - split to become Cambridge Tigers and Cambridge Eagles Bognor Regis Bexley Heath Newmarket Rotherhithe Fulham Travellers Bedford College Nene Valley - Northampton Milton Keynes Holset Enginnering Tendring Clowne Angels Kiddlington - Oxfordshire Garibaldi Bath Corkickle - Cumbria Westfield Hotel & Westfield Welfare - Workington Dearham Wanderers - Cumbria St Bees - Cumbria Broughto
  21. I remember that game well. It looked like someone in a grey suit had run on the pitch until he got closer. Horrible!
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