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  1. Call the office 01904 876527
  2. 1972 the year of the three day week, we played Barrow in the second round of the cup away the score was 9-9 The replay was at Clarence Street on Wednesday afternoon 23rd February the crowd was in excess of 8000, because Wednesday was a day without power. York won 15-3 and played St Helens at home losing 32-5 in the third round (quarter final) the game was televised on Grandstand. The league game was the last game of the season 3rd April 1972 Danny Sheehan came on as substitute and scored 5 tries. York fielded a trailist scrum half in that game who went on to play 427 (including sub appearances} games for York and scored 107 tries.......... Gary Smith.
  3. "There's a mezzanine too" .........................................I couldn't resist !!
  4. "Retail coming out of our ears" ......................................sorry !!
  5. looks like a few going on Manchester - Carcassonne flight should be decent whip round for the pilot from Knights fans.
  6. The Aussies Mike Marketo, Peter Martin, Sean Willey, Matt Carter and Rod Pethybridge joined us in 1985/86 season.
  7. The latest update from the York City Knights new stadium
  8. I might be a little pessimistic, probably beat Widnes and Halifax away.
  9. We have an established team who have played a full season together going into the new season on the back of the Yorkshire Cup. I think we will win all our home games (unless Bradford bring their own referee again) I can't imagine that Swinton, Rochdale, Dewsbury, Batley, Leigh, Barrow, Sheffield or Featherstone will beat us away.
  10. The ground was at the junction of Clarence Street, Wigginton Road and Haxby Road. The Postal address of the secretary's office was Wiggington Road, the Oval Ball club was Haxby Road, the ground was always known locally as Clarence Street. although technically it should have been Bootham Stray. Hope that clarifies.
  11. Kathryn Avenue Huntington it is on the site of the original Huntington Stadium/Waterworld,
  12. Max Ryce played 8 games from March 2000 until May 2000 scoring 4 tries. Mike Marshall played 44 games from August 1975 until December 1978 scoring 10 tries
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