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  1. At York, Stan & Jack Flannery Geoff & Ken Hunter Malcolm & Peter Walker Chris, Paul & Neil Thorman Paul & David March Geoff & Steve Pryce Chris & Mark Spurr Bobby & Harry Tyson-Wilson
  2. Geoff Pryce and Gary Smith would have been capped if they had been with a more fashionable club that York.
  3. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/sport-opinion/harry-gration-his-life-and-times-rugby-league-3058512?fbclid=IwAR29P52klmvHfAei61VqNnQyJyFdmYVguOE60w-qo1prTZAn6dX8lnu4lIk Harry Gration supports Knights Super League bid
  4. The P&R Car Park has 800 spaces £5 per day charge, There is coach park is at the opposite end to the car parks, there are bars inside the stadium and a fans zone. Within about a mile radius of the stadium there is Huntington Sports Club, Huntington WMC, Pear Tree Farm, Hogshead, Blacksmiths Arms, Hopgrove Toby Carvery, Nags Head Heworth, Heworth Inn and Walnut Tree.
  5. At the time the grant was given York City FC were in the Football League.
  6. I don't know but I would expect the charges will be the same for all games
  7. All Blacks open age were formed 1980, a junior sides played as York All Blacks played out of Dunnington in the 70's.
  8. 800 spaces on the P&R site too so using your calculation of 3 to a car that is parking for 3600 fans within 2 minutes walk of the stadium before using any of the shopping car parking or local on street parking.
  9. Heworth 1922 York Acorn 1973 New Earswick All Blacks 1980
  10. There is a dedicated car park for the stadium for 400 cars both the Knights and York City have agreed a £5 charge. There is also a Park and Ride car park attached to the stadium. Unrestricted on street car parking is also available within 10 minutes walk from the stadium.
  11. LNER Stadium is 2.5 miles from York Minster, on a direct bus route with buses running every 12 minutes from the city centre. The distance is exactly the same as Leeds Station to Headingley. Surprisingly no one ever remarks that Headingley is too far out of Leeds city centre.
  12. for Knights fans to go to away games at towns with a railway station
  13. York is a major railway hub there is a bus service from the railway station every 12 minutes to the LNER Stadium.
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