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  1. I couldn't go - but from all accounts the team were well beaten - so good luck to Featherstone in the next round. We also picked up a few injuries and its a really tough match next week away at York...……...
  2. Briscoe and Bussey caused us (Swinton) lots of problems - so you not having them is a bonus for us but we too will be without the three or so regular DR players from Wigan. For us we need to try and build confidence and a few wins - so it doesn't matter if its the cup or not and if its SL opposition at home then there is the gate money.
  3. Well Featherstone have been beaten at home by Dewsbury (yesterday) , so with our win at Barrow it should lift our confidence so its not an impossible task...……...
  4. yes should be a good game for neutral supporters - for the rest of us it will be tense if the teams are close score wise - which was the case last season in both games...……..
  5. wayne_r


    also dubious try at Swinton (which turned the game) when your man was clearly in touch - so really it is swings and roundabouts - but I think we have the same opinion that refs and linesmen in this league are generally poor...……..:(
  6. I hope its a good game - with a decent ref (for both teams) I guess both teams will see this match as one of the best opportunities for a win - so I expect it to be a tense affair - last season we drew both games with Barrow - I guess its golden point now...……..
  7. can't make that kick off...………..:(
  8. York are going very well - so that will be a challenge - so yes teams we must beat are Rochdale, Barrow, Batley and Dewsbury - lets hope next week brings a win...…….
  9. well sadly it was the same pattern as previous weeks - the team competed well for the large majority of the first half and took an 8 - nil lead, but a 5-10 min spell of lost concentration let Fev in for three tries which sealed the match. In the second half again we pressed and moved the ball about, scored one - could have another couple - referee was generous in only sin binning the Fev player who blatantly brought down Ashton as he was racing away after his kick ahead - but that was in the last minute of the match. Stuart sits behind us in the stand and from his reaction - again the team didn't follow through on plans and actions that they had discussed prior to the match, they knew about Brisco but didn't handle him and Fev scored at least one try of his breaks...…...I though Acton looked good and is definitely an asset. As for the first win - well maybe next week at Barrow ……….
  10. On the basis that if they play for Fev then they can't play for the DR club - which club have they DR'd with - anyway same could be true for us then...…….
  11. Without doubt Richardson is a quality player and he did cause lots of problems - Woods can't get into the Leigh team and he signed for 12 months with them and I for one rated Woods...……..
  12. I think we are missing an experienced campaigner on the field who can stop the team switching off or getting distracted - to be honest hearing Stuart shouting to the coaching staff to tell the team to focus and move on to the next phase of the game, e.g. when they lose possession etc reminds me of how well the team used to marshalled when Ian Watson was on the field. The last three matches have shown that the team can compete with any team in the league - so hopefully come Sunday they will get it right and beat Featherstone - to me they have the capability...…….
  13. Well - another game lost which was certainly winnable - we dominated for long periods in the first half but couldn't turn it into points - then gave away three tries in the space of a few minutes that meant we went in 20 nil down instead of 4 nil. Showed some poor positional play also letting Leigh kick two (or was it three) 40-20 with the wingers not covering back - of course Leigh didn't make that mistake in the second half. Second half we out scored Leigh 12- 10...…...which says it all. Again Fairclough received no protection from the ref - Thornley's attempt at a tackle was either badly timed or intended to seriously hurt Fairclough...………..who to me looked to be carrying an injury on his right arm / shoulder for most of the second half. I think Leigh did a number on Swinton - got the players all riled up which in turn stopped them from focussing on the plan outlined by the coaching staff. Mike Butt is as tough as nails he took a shot from his opposite number midway through the second half, so returned the favour with a knee to the Leigh wingers head the next tackle. The ref was poor in my opinion Leigh gave away four successive penalties in the early part of the second half while Swinton were camped in Leigh's 20 metre area - but no team warning for Leigh. Oh well Featherstone next week who after having been well beaten by Widnes two weeks ago - beat Sheffield on Sunday
  14. The match report strongly suggests that two refereeing decisions were crucial to the final outcome - well no surprise there then
  15. I am sure its agonising for the team and coaching staff as well as the supporters, I honestly think the performances are getting better so the elusive first win must come soon - no reason why we can't beat Leigh on Sunday.
  16. I couldn't go to the Halifax match - but clearly after Toulouse and yesterday Halifax the team is getting closer to the first and to be hoped many wins this season.
  17. sorry I didn't realise that, I simply meant the regular Dewsbury fans...……..will remember for next time. Original post now edited
  18. I agree I thought Sykes had a very good game - I seem to remember he wasn't very popular with the Dewsbury fans a couple of seasons ago - but I rated him then and did again yesterday. Swinton blew themselves apart - not completing sets and poor discipline to get a team warning in both halves is hard to do and of course Fairclough getting sin binned provided the opportuning for Worrincy's interception - which won the match for Dewsbury. Even though he scored against us - it is still exciting to see a player score a try having run the length of the field. Good luck for the rest of the season - I think Swinton will need it...……..
  19. Well we can all live in hope...……..:) But seriously - even with a much changed squad - all the bad traits of last season were on show yesterday, the requirements are quite simple...…...complete your sets, have a good kicking game, good defence and keep the penalty count down. Yesterday, the team defended reasonably well, kicking was good but the team didn't complete their sets, were given a team warning in both halves and were down to 10 men in the second half because of it and that's when Dewsbury won the match. With all that still managed to score 5 tries !!! Just think what they could do if the fix the problems...……...
  20. We were very poor today against a workman like Dewsbury team. I think our completion rate today was woeful - seems like a repeat of last season - not able to play consistently over the full 80 mins. The few times the team did put it together we scored quite easily...…………….. After last week's effort against Bradford, I for one was full of expectation for today...…………...oh well back to the drawing board to prepare for Toulouse next week.
  21. personally as a Swinton fan I hate DR - we had four players drafted in for last week's match against Bradford, admittedly they had played for us last season on DR and one actually transferred from Swinton to Wigan. We didn't win - even though the score would suggest otherwise it was a close match up to the last 7-8 mins. We have four players injured right now - so maybe that was the driving force behind the decision - but next week at Dewsbury - who knows whether or indeed which DR player will be available and to use them over our own squad players is wrong for me - but as we all know its more about SL clubs not having reserve teams than championship clubs with small squads - that's what I think at least.
  22. wayne_r

    York Game

    well in two matches Swinton have managed to halve the losing margin - so who knows next Sunday at your place it may even be a close match...………:)
  23. I thought the team to a man played really and if they can play like this for the rest of the season they will do well. It was a close match apart from the last 7-8 min when tiredness showed and Bradford scored a couple of tries, so the final score flattered Bradford. Thought the ref was inconsistent and offered no protection to Rob Fairclough who was targeted for the whole of the match and of course the controversy of Bradford scoring in the corner with the player going into touch - my view at least. The fact that at 16-12 up Bradford dropped a goal with about 10 mins to go showed how hard Swinton competed today. Lets hope they play as well next week at Dewsbury
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