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  1. There has never been relegation from div 3 as far as I know, team at the bottom has to seek relection
  2. I haven't seen either incident but maybe when the refs have their weekly reviews it was said that this kind of incident should be a penalty hence this week it was penalised
  3. Funny that fans say we need ex players as refs as they will have a feel for the game, Chris will have have played at the highest levels of the current refs
  4. I think I understand your cryptic answer If the Pennine League are not promoting their own league then I doubt anyone else will, their website seems have last been updated in march. Didn't OurLeague show the winters Women's finals? Is that not promoting rugby league in the winter season? A fine advert for the traditional season game where the winners were found to have played an ineligible player even though they were warned not to play her. Any more so called restrictions?
  5. But then the following week if a team who played on Easter Monday play either of the Hull teams the coach will complain about the short turnaround they had
  6. Some communtiy games are played as double headers.
  7. Or maybe Derek when he sees Leigh vs Catalans on the fixture list
  8. Wait for the owners of clubs moan when they don't get a home game next Easter
  9. Worcester created a record of having more home grounds than games played
  10. Buchan did well with Bath so no need to doubt this will work
  11. Maybe she has previous incidents on her record. Someone should tell her that it is an independent panel makes the decisions and not the rfl.
  12. Rule number 6, make sure your spelling or grammar is correct when posting as a pedant will pick you up on it.
  13. My assistance which was further down was to ask the person who sent the email
  14. It doesn't look like it, I do not even think it is on a club site. It is called RL In Cornwall
  15. Rule 4 of a RL supporter. Ask a random person a question who has no knowledge of the subject instead of the person who would know the answer
  16. Why not ask the person who sent the email and maybe he could have said ' I really appreciated the offer but prefer to stand'.
  17. Just seen this on Facebook from a Cornwall fan, quickly grasped rule 3 of being a RL supporter. Always find fault. For the match against Cougars, I bought a standard Standing ticket. I got an email, a couple of days before the match, to say my ticket had been upgraded to a standard Seating ticket. Anyone got any idea why this happened? I actually prefer to stand pitch side rather than sit in the stand.
  18. I thought all games to U11 were 'non competitve' and scores not recorded
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