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  1. Cas and Wakey wouldn't be happy with their new grounds about to be finished
  2. In all that great reply you haven't said how the ncl are helping out their teams from their money in the bank?
  3. Didn't all the NCL clubs get £1000 from the RFL last year and can now apply for funding from the £1 million survival fund. What financial support has the NCL given to their clubs from their large amount sitting in the bank? Even BARLA gave money to clubs last season. That is a very poor statement. the rfl have a dedicated person to help with grant applications which all the money gained goes to the clubs, I heard one Wigan club have had over £100000 in grant money over the last couple of years.
  4. No doubt people will complain that players will have to do a day's work first on take a day off to play on a Monday night and if anyone has to travel to or from Cumbria there will be a meltdown
  5. Just seen this The Home of Rugby League (rugby-league.com)
  6. Played at Wigan St Pats, not sure if he ever played at Underbank as they at a pretty high level
  7. I think it was the aggregate scores that were used in the head to head games to determine league placings
  8. Similar to Worcester Jags offering contracts, looking at their photos on facebook from the trial day less than 10 turned up.
  9. It waw always said it would be regional to start with. The Yorkshire clubs are together as are the mw ones.
  10. From the draw I have seen Wath Brow might as well be given a bye to the final.
  11. Wigan St Judes couldnt field a team in NCL last week due to players not being available, i would think they have 3 times more players to select from than Devon, are St judes a small band of enthusiasts? At least Devon played
  12. I think the highlighting of perceived mistakes by refs on Sky doesn't help, of course they make mistakes same as players but it doesn't need mentioning for the next 10 minutes. This doesn't happen with union games, yes mistakes are pointed out but not discussed for the rest of the game
  13. You wouldn't think they could but processes need to be gone through to make sure the decision is watertight and couldn't be overturned by making the decision to quickly. There are many instances where people are sacked from a job, correctly for what they have done, but because a process has not been followed they get a pay out.
  14. I think Harry is having a trial at a pro club now which may stop him from being selected
  15. And during most games by people who are one eyed
  16. Not sure but if a team brings in a load of players who are much better than the standard for the league and they start battering other teams the opposition will stop turning up
  17. They must be paying their new coach a fair sum to tempt him from the NW. He has probably said he can bring players with him.
  18. They were talking about going into confernece league south but since they couldn't fulfil their games in the western league i doubt they would be allowed in to a higher league
  19. Being cynical I can see a lot of players unavailable due to 'injuries' for any internationals that take place.
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