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  1. The M62 is being continued east now to Albania so all ok
  2. I have seen this story on FB this morning and twitter
  3. Ross Strudwick stories at Fulham could have its own thread
  4. The clubs in the NE see the bigger picture and tend to help each other out for the good of the game where as this doesn't happen all the time in the heartlands where for some clubs it is win at all costs.
  5. The work in the NE was helped by two great development officers, sadly they lost their jobs in 2013 due to cutbacks but fortunately there are some great volunteers in that area who carried on the work taking it to where it is now. You can have as many development officers as you like but without the volunteers to help run the clubs they will only last a couple of years.
  6. My apologies that my reply was over the top to you. The rules from the RFL were very strict and I know that tackle bags/shields were not allowed to be used. I live in Wales and my kids play at a union club, they have been allowed to train and now are allowed to play touch against local clubs but the parents have decided they do not want this to happen due to the risk.
  7. Not sure where you get this, The RFL had training for a long time and juniors playing games in October and would have carried on into November but for the 2nd lockdown, some open age games were also played. The agreement with DCMS that following this activity there would be no games in December but could restart in Jan. Union have had no games yet at this same level. The RFL staff have worked tirelessly to get agreement with DCMS to get activity restarted and your comments show a total lack of knowledge of what has been going on.
  8. Fulham played at Chiswick Poly which had a cinder running track around it, London Skolars & All Golds played at athletic stadiums
  9. If Stevo was still on comms he would have said that it was a training ground move
  10. He likes to try to be controversial and different, he is telling everyone today it is Tuesday.
  11. There is no point comparing the amount with other sports, we do not know what they and the rfl asked for. Also if there is some of the first loan not been used the govt will be asking why do you need more when you haven't used the original amount.
  12. Sky wouldn't have it in France, they would need to transport all the equipment they need out there and everyone who went apart from the teams would need to isolate for 2 weeks on their return.
  13. Head to facebook for the negative comments, some are corkers.
  14. Not surprising in the current climate if that is the real reason, nothing about this though on the euro x111 facebook page or twitter feed. It is better for the clubs though to have a guaranteed number of games
  15. Gledhill recently stated, on the day before they announced their coach, that it was a well known fact in RL circles that Paul Rowley was going to be the Ottawa coach and was signing up players
  16. I was just thinking the same thing, no sign of a website that was mentioned as coming at the end of july or info on to players apply for the draft.
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