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  1. Commentators haven't even heard of Ellenborough, real rugby league fans....
  2. Alex Gerrard & Ryan Hampshire are still without a club, I'm sure they will come cheap too. Just saying.............
  3. Well they get a nosebleed if they travel up the A595, especially for friendlies!
  4. Merry Christmas everybody, even jameaters! I'll never forget our play off final, let's hope 2022 holds more good memories. But more importantly I hope everyone stays safe and we can find some way of putting this virus to bed in 2022. All the best everyone and UP THE TOWN!
  5. Yeah good to get the info formally. Thanks to Leso for all the time and effort he put in, and let's face it the club is in a better place than when he took over. A true heart on his sleeve fan, who you could see was living the dream on the pitch after the Donny match. He was exhausted and maybe a laal bit drunk, but a very happy man when I was speaking to him later on. Thanks for everything Les. There are lots of folk on here who know how to run a club better than it is so I'm guessing there will be an avalanche of offers......
  6. I have absolutely no issues with bringing these young lads in, just because players have an aussie accent doesn't make them any better. In the past we have spent a lot of money on some real duck eggs. (I know we have also had some real gems too before someone points it out) If these young lads have the right attitude they will do for me. Give them some experience and they will pay you back in spades. If we can add a bit of muscle in the middles then I'm confident Chris will get the best out of them and surprise a few. I'm in no doubt we will be big favourites for relegation, but I never thought we would get promoted before the start of last season. Haven & Barrow have different strategies and obviously bigger budgets, let them crack on. My big worries are building for the chairman & the main shirt sponsor. Big revenue lost for the Xmas present sales of home shirts. Let's hope it's resolved quickly as I thought the shareholders meeting would result in the announcements. I know they will be sworn to secrecy but can any of the shareholders confirm if it was talked about or should we worry?
  7. Should be 2 good lads that can immediately improve our first team. Fingers crossed Dave is back better than ever.
  8. Oh the irony of you calling others a clown and it's lying by the way....
  9. Rodders, are you the same rodders on haven fans forum? Is the 2010 a clue thats you are on here to make mischief?
  10. As I remember and feel free anyone to put me right, Town fans got wind of Newcastle being interested in one of our players and issued a few hands off our Mick messages to them. Newcastle hadn't been after Mick but changed their minds after seeing the stir it caused and signed him.
  11. You are either on the wind up and trying to stoke the fire for a reaction, or you genuinely have an unreasonable expectation of the club. What information exactly do you think Graeme and the club should have made public already? Why is the club in a bad place? Why are the fans that have more patience than you delusional? If the league was to start in a two weeks I wouldn't be happy with the squad but its not, its two months. As for the info, I am happy up to press as I'm sure it will be shared when the time is right.
  12. I understand some of you want all the squad, shirts, chairman etc done and dusted, and I suppose in a perfect world so would us all, including Chris. Being critical of the club is a bit premature though isn't it? Although I'm making some of this up maybe because our chairman is stepping down, we were the last to know what league we were playing in, and because our directors are part time volunteers, we are a bit behind ideally we would like to be. But what if the home kit hasn't been announced because the main sponsor is linked to who will be the new chairman and they are bringing the sponsorship with them or they want to wait until sufficient replica shirts are available in stock to buy? What if some player targets have been missed out on so others are being spoken to, or others are in place as loan deals which we can't announce yet? What if the club were say we were looking to sign a player and this alerted other clubs closer to where the player lived and we lost him because they made him an offer? Remember what happened to Mick Jenkins? If we get to a fortnight from the start of the season and we are still no further on then the club deserves some criticism but I'd be surprised if the next fortnight doesn't see things become sorted. UTT.
  13. What if we have some season long loans from SL clubs agreed in principle, but as they aren't our players we can't announce it and they aren't training up here yet, or we are bringing in somebody from abroad and are waiting for paperwork? I don't know this to be true but things may not be as straightforward as some want. I would be surprised if Chris doesn't have his ducks lining up as he wants them. I seem to remember back to some people panicking last year. But who knows...
  14. Great to have Matty back on board for the next 2 years, especially as the only one with his own song town2018 you are on a wind up aren't you?
  15. If they continue the traditional theme ( and why wouldn't they) I'm gonna stick my neck out and guess at a reworked championship winning kit with the red and white diagonal pinstripe!
  16. When have the RFL ever given us a break? We have extra bank Holidays this year and still can't bag a home derby on one.
  17. Sheffield at home 6pm on a Wednesday is a strange one.
  18. Its a great idea as long as you don't work first shift at weekends ffs. Thought last season was a one off!
  19. Summat wrong with him if he doesn't like the Rolls Royce of crisps! Good re-signing all the same. Welcome back Rhys!
  20. You know its a great signing when all the jambos at work are gutted to the point that all the usual guff is coming out. Like.... He looks good at amateur level but won't have the heart to make a pro. Or He has robbed town with a massive up front fee and double what haven could afford in wages. Even blew barrow out of the water. Or He has an underlying injury so is just getting a payday before he packs in. Superb!
  21. Maybe jumping the gun but by the comments on twitter it looks like we have retained our North East contingent when they are talking about travelling together in a big bus.
  22. Jeez the knives are out a bit early after the season we have just had aren't they? What exactly do you all want them to say? That they are sitting on their hands doing nowt and waiting to see what players are left so we can get them cheaper, or working as hard as possible to get the best squad they can to survive in the Champ. Our club obviously have a strategy of how the squad is being built and how they think they can maximise the interest in the club during the off season to build up for when next seasons shirts & season tickets are announced. My guess would be they will step up with a number of re-signings, and new signings to get the interest bubbling along ready for when the season tickets and new shirt are announced to get some money turning over before Xmas. Yes it was surprising to see empty columns in the LoveRL article, and even more surprising to me that a couple of clubs look done and dusted, but the season hasn't started yet so keep the toys in the pram a bit longer kids.
  23. Just been looking at the loveRL page about the ins & outs in the championship for next season. I know it will be in hand but we really have some catching up to do as some clubs look like their squads are about done! Think ours will look a lot better after this week.
  24. As others have said Jake just didn't leave it all out there for us, so he won't be much of a miss. McNally at Rochdale & Beharrell to Dewsbury ( cant believe he's only 27!) Both will leave big holes in their old clubs squads.
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