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  1. Good to see Keighley are subsidising buses and they have already filled 3. Should be a good atmosphere, gutted I'll only be listening or streaming it.
  2. Yeah that wasn't issue really though. We can sign community players, what i think happened earlier in the season and I stand to be corrected was Town asked the RFL if they could loan some players back to their community clubs on the dual reg principle but the RFL refused on COVID grounds so the players got cheesed off with not playing and left the club to play for their community clubs. Hence we have been short of players, but the RFL allowed WW to make up a team for one meaningless game in terms of who would win the league with players from different places including Barrow.
  3. From the outside we probably sound like we are bitter still going on about it. The top spot had already gone as Barrow weren't going to get beat, so they deserved to go up as league winners. But when you hear Chris pointing out what the RFL wouldn't let us do, then what they allowed WW/Barrow do it is baffling and they rightlysound hard done by, as we could have had a stronger squad the last few weeks. I'm guessing they used the Covid excuse to stop our lads going back to their community sides, so somewhere down the line did they change rules to allow WW to play the players they did or are they just making it up as they go along? So fingers crossed we are getting a few lads back for next Sunday. UTT.
  4. Keighley definitely played the smarter rugby around the edges and matched NW physically. The crusaders game plan was just run hard up the middle, but the cougars mixed it up and had a couple of handfuls in Agoro & Santi. Agoro got big yards bringing them out of their own half, and santi came to life near the line. In Kesik & Feather they have old heads to pull the strings too. Will be a hard game, we just need to find the belief and game plan and we can book ourselves a home grand final.
  5. Watching the Crusaders v Cougars both teams like playing through their forwards. Crusaders especially just play using their power in their pack. Who would you rather play next week? One thing is for sure, unless we get a ref that will let us play the ball quickly, we need a plan B as we have been found out a bit the last few weeks. Fingers crossed for an all out brawl to get a few bans
  6. I'd hope we put a complaint in about him to the RFL. I'm sure this is the bloke who once sent one of our players off in the first 5 or 10 mins of a friendly against Haven for an innocuous challenge that even the Haven lads were mystified about. There was only Brad who got frustrated with his reffing and gave back chat and got penalised for it. Meanwhile all the Hunslet subs and coaching staff were stood on the old speedway track/ touchline complaining and pressing him for decisions. It does wind the crowd up when he's laughing and joking with opposition players like they are old friends. It also winds me up when he only pings one team for off side. We were off side so fair enough, but both sides were, so you either penalise both or neither if you are being fair.
  7. Another 2pm kick off, not good for morning shift with no cover. Good luck lads.
  8. Firstly as expected Crashley was terrible. BUT. Hunslet ran with purpose and tackled well. We, on the other hand never bent nevermind broke the defensive line at all with our forwards, and didn't try any off loads as a way of getting through it. Apart from a 5 minute spell at the start of the second half we also didn't play the ball quickly to try and get a roll on ( Ref did constantly call surrender if a player landed on their front which didn't help) Of course losing Fitzy to foul play at the start of the game didn't help but the lads just seemed to run into contact and take the tackle, no trying to break the line or play it quickly so consequently we really struggled to make yards. Its a good job we were linking well on our right hand side or it could have been embarrassing. They seemed to lose confidence and give up the fight very quickly in the second half, but we were struggling with injuries again with Gabe and Matty both struggling. Going into the play offs we seem to be struggling for fit players yet again and confidence. Chris has a very big job ahead of him as JD can't perform miracles without a platform from the forwards. Hunslet looked like they were blowing a couple of times in defence but we just couldn't take advantage. The crack from Haven lads was that we turned down Ethan Kelly, if true it seems a strange decision the way things are panning out. Just gotta hope that we get some players back in the next fortnight and Chris can work at getting confidence and a good plan "B"
  9. Yes he will, and good luck to him. The craic from the Haven fans at work a while ago was that Charlo was being given the elbow for Jonty and he wasn't happy about it. So not sure if the move upstairs was a compromise or that was always on the table. Nobody can deny he has had them punching well above their weight this year so maybe they should be careful what they wish for.
  10. Workington will have had seven home league games this season and away travel costs to just about match anyone. If that is next season how exactly is a club supposed to survive on £25k central funding? The pyramid has to be in place if the so called elite clubs are to thrive, unless they just want a team full of southern hemisphere players and rebrand it NRL Europe. The community and semi pro clubs are an important cog in the wheel, surely the SL clubs can see this but still choose self preservation. Totally myopic and self righteous but are we surprised?
  11. Just catching up and can't believe what I'm reading. I fully understand Barrow wanting a victory celebration etc, but I find it difficult to believe the 13 amateurs is a serious proposition. There should never have been a game cancelled because of Covid including the Barrow game up here if they had access to 13 players. I really hope it was a joke knowing Wales had enough players.
  12. I know this might be the million dollar question but how do you think this can be done? Is it just as lads come of age the other influences in life win out or is there a fundamental loop hole that can be addressed?
  13. Great result today, sounded like the lads did it tough so it's good to get the win. Hope we don't run out of players for the end of season yet again, as it's getting to be more than a habit. I think it was obvious the radio commentator is from a union background, and to be fair to him he was preferable to Gibson and his obvious bias. He had no co commentator so I thought he did ok today. Fingers crossed for my second favourite team Rochdale tomorrow
  14. Fingers crossed for Weetman didn't sound good. But good start by town, 2 good tries and good defence by the sound of it.
  15. Radio cumbria are absolutely hopeless
  16. That is because important stories like a lady who has lost some weight is setting up business in Whitehaven and needs some free publicity. Semi professional sports can't compete when there are lazy freelance journalists that want the stories on their lap, instead of going and actually reporting on things. I gave up on all of Cumbrian Newspapers offerings long ago, the Crimes & Star isn't even worth it now. After yesterday I think Radio Cumbria is heading the same way.
  17. I wasn't there yesterday so can't comment on the game, but the old saying of not getting too carried away whether winning or losing is always relevant. Got to admit I had no expectations before the start of the season as we had so many new players and I was worried about the lack of size in the pack. But the lads have far exceeded what I hoped for, and yes its disappointing that we have been well beaten in the last two games when it was all in our own hands. But we just have to hope they can get back in the groove for the last couple of games to give us a good shot in the play offs. We can beat any team on the day especially at home, and with DP rocking it will give the club a much needed revenue boost. I'm sure we might get one of those catch up games played that I've always said we should play too!
  18. Think he's the ex Barrow chairman if I heard correctly.
  19. Very poor start, Mr Gibson and his mate are loving it.
  20. Watching the Cru v Raiders highlights, NW looked a handful in the middle of the park and had good attacking kicking options. They also effectively targeted Ritson defensively. Should be a good game on Sunday, hope we get a good crowd now we are top and pushing for the title. UTT
  21. Well I have to admit that after our rich history of being dealt with harshly by the RFL to put it mildly, going all the way back to SL when Maurice Lindsay bunged PSG a brown envelope to buy players so they would stay up and we get relegated. I will happily not be bothered at all about playing the 3 Covid fixtures until if our situation changes, then I will be up in arms, claim its very unfair and the season needs to be extended so these matches can be played out. I'll admit it Ringo if thats what you want, I really don't care what it takes to be playing in the championship and hope our BOD use every legal advantage they can. If we are sitting top of the league after the remaining fixtures are played out, screw rescheduling the 3 as the long term gain will be much bigger than 2 home gates. Then again if we drop points and barrow go top I will want the games played to give us a chance of automatic promotion and 2 extra home gates. Does this make me a bad person?
  22. If Fell is injured is that Ethan at FB?
  23. I know pal, I was being a bit facetious as I can guarantee nobody at the club will be aiming for second. I can't see why we can't win this league if we are allowed to play our games out. We have only been beaten by Donny and only played well in patches of all the games we have won. I'm not pretending it will be easy or that any of the teams around us can't beat us if we keep playing in patches. But I have faith Chris and the lads can do it.
  24. Do you not go straight up if you win the league any more Wonky?
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