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  1. Yeah playing well, line defence needs a bit of intensity but we can definitely beat these.
  2. Just fantastic to have the game back and the buy in as a fan that gives you the butterflies beforehand that you don't get watching other teams. Just to echo what HTR says above, big thanks to everyone working to keep it going over the last year or so. We have a lot of inexperienced lads in our squad but I know our coaching staff will have them prepared well. So just let's see what this season brings and enjoy it again. UTT.
  3. Should get that big screen they had for the world Cup final back and screen it in the car park.
  4. What an absolute joke, if they are consistent with this through the season each team will need a 30 man squad. Strange how they judge SL teams differently isn't it.
  5. Played pretty well but obviously very rusty and lacking cohesion with all the subs. Lots of promise for the season though. Shows what I know about rugby as I thought Dec looked very rusty, put a few passes into the grass etc, then got binned only to get mom. I thought Henson looked our best hooker today, passed well and really tackled his heart out.
  6. Of course it would be stupid to look a gift horse in the mouth, and lets face it both grounds however much they pull on the supporters heart strings desperately need renewed. But the sceptic in me still has a niggle about this whole thing. £23m is a great kick start to the projects but how much will left for the stadium and the surrounding area after the port and the other projects have been funded? Our MP made a lot of noise and unsubstantiated claims about the end cost to the public of the old stadium proposal and to this day still hasn't published the 'stress test' he claims was carried out on the figures by an independent firm, he blocked the people off his social media who chased him to do it. Some of the posts he put on here were unbelievably naïve. He will no doubt cast himself as the savior and take as many plaudits as he can if this goes ahead, no matter what the cost or how compromised the scheme will be because of the funds that will need to be borrowed to see all of the projects fulfilled. My biggest fear is that the stadium will be so compromised by budget that it will not allow either club to make good revenue and grow. If both teams end up with a two sided biscuit tin with second rate facilities that neither of them own and is badly designed then what happens to the clubs? I'm not hugely bothered about the 5k capacity, but to allow the clubs to generate revenue it needs to have high class facilities so the clubs have an income all year round. A local example would be Whitehaven golf club, the course was nothing special with a portacabin club house but they had the foresight to invest in a top class clubhouse with conferencing/ entertainment facilities second to none around here and have transformed the club. This stadium needs that type of investment, as how many wedding venues or function rooms are left in the town? A top quality pub/ function room and conference area overlooking the river could fund the stadium running costs itself. But because MJ has already drawn the line in the sand with the purse strings, I fear it could end up being a botch that neither club wants but has to settle for because they have little alternative. I would like nothing more than to be proved wrong and hope it can be the feather in the towns cap as it deserves to be, but I have no faith in the people running ABC or our MP to make it everything it should be as I don't think any of them have the required drive to see it through properly.
  7. Very sad news, he was a genuinely nice bloke. A regular in the Pack Horse in Seaton when Super League was on. A real shame!
  8. Yeah but they have been the cowboys for a while now so it is embedded. Even in the last decade the world has changed beyond belief, none of my kids watch any traditional telly programmes at all ( and I mean absolutely none - ever!) Their concept of what a cowboy is, will probably be woody off toy story. So I doubt they would identify with a traditional cowboy as they are a thing of the past, which was my point. But you could easily build a brand around it as it lends itself to all kinds of possibilities.
  9. Thanks! I like your thinking on the Tornado, how you would have a cartoon mascot may be a challenge though. When the ill fated Crusaders re-brand was mooted I always thought Workington Town Cowboys from Wild West Cumbria was a better option. But I suppose Cowboys are a thing of the past now too!
  10. I can see both sides of this argument. Done properly a rebrand can really add to a club and needent detract from a clubs rich history. Rhinos, Tigers, Wolves etc haven't turned into new clubs and forgotten their histories, but what they have added are marketing tools to help the clubs grow commercially. Theres no point rebranding Town as Workington Steelers with a shiny new badge as although it's a nod to our industrial history it will mean nothing to the future generations that need to hooked to make the club grow. A rhino, tiger or wolf is an agressive hunting animal that lends itself the the ferocious nature of RL, but the cartoon version is the open door for kids to identify with the club such as Ronnie the Rhino etc. Unfortunately for us a unicorn has become a soft fantasy animal associated with clouds and rainbows so doesn't really lend itself to RL but with the right marketing could be used as a great marketing tool. I know Wigan are getting pelters at present but as long as they still embrace their rich history there is nothing wrong with trying to push the club forward if this will make a difference to them, as their attendances have hit a wall so need other methods of generating revenue. The issue for Town is that it isn't a cash rich club to pay marketing experts to build this brand, so it has to prioritise what the money is spent on. At the minute a winning team is the thing that will bring the most fans back, then in the future if the clubs grows but attendances are topping out then different ways to market the club will have to be found. If this is a new badge and a new moniker is it such a bad thing if it's done properly? If the idea was so bad surely the Sl clubs would have ditched the Giants, Red devils, Warriors tags. Saints were lucky that theirs has always been embedded in their name, but surely a name can be tagged onto Workington Town as Wakefield did with Wakefield trinity wildcats so we don't have to ditch the Town name. Think it is probably not the right time given this last year and how the club will be needing to get itself back on its feet again but I don't think it should be written off if it's an extra string to the bow.
  11. Just awful news, he was a genuinely nice approachable bloke and sincere condolences to Deb and his family. He came over and really bought into the club and the area so is certainly a Kiwi but also an adopted West Cumbrian. As a coach he brought a great attacking style of rugby to us after some hard times and brought a Kiwi spine to us with the likes of JT, Limmer, Sione, Lavulavu that really kicked us on and brought us a couple of seasons of great memories which I'll always remember. RIP Ged marra.
  12. Been speaking to a lad from Millom and out of all the players that Millom have produced recently he said that losing Ethan is the one he's most gutted about, and although he's only young he thinks the lad has what it takes to potentially make it all the way to SL if he works hard enough ( and no he wasn't related to him - well apart from they are all kind of related in Millom aren't they?) Hope he is right!
  13. Has anyone noticed the face transplant on one of the photos of training on facebook? Obviously at least one more to announce...
  14. I think he might know him VERY well.
  15. Brett was awesome on his day, if he can find that form again Haven have a superb signing. But if he isn't fully committed due to his work situation then who knows? No doubt be will go full tilt in the derbies, but he's got nowt to prove to us whatever the reasons are why he turned his back on us. Good luck to the lad, except when he plays us. UTT!
  16. I still sometimes stand with my work mate Haven fans at matches. But we have had to move away from the half way line area at the wreck as there are a very small contingent intent on throwing drink and intimidation. They lads I stand with say it isn't just saved for Town fans though. To be fair we seem to have our own handful that think they are watching football and its ok to cross the line in terms of respect. Banter and abuse are completely different things, and as always the minority spoil it for the majority.
  17. Fair do's, it's just typical that our new signing is greeted with negativity. It might be good to covet players, but totally pointless if they aren't signing. So how can you lament what might have been if it was never on the cards in the first place? Might it not been as well just to say nowt? I felt really underwhelmed when we signed newts, but he signed and got my support while he was here. Andy will wear the famous unicorn on his chest and as long as he does it with pride and gives 100% he has my full support. Let's face it if he keeps his scoring rate up I'll forgive him an odd lapse in defence.
  18. Well Andy has played a maximum of 13 games a season over the last 4 seasons with only 7 last year, and half of those will probably have been away games so more than a dozen games is an impressive number for a Town fan and a lot of watching Barrow. So I'm guessing oldrake either doesn't live in Workington or saw him as an amateur.
  19. And you have seen him play how many times to form that opinion?
  20. Excellent effort Scott well done ??? Not many numbers taken over 100 for some reason though for which I feel a bit of guilt ?
  21. Have you got a different random number generator for next year Scott? Asking for a friend obviously......
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