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  1. Have to agree with you. Some well drilled and disciplined teams have come to Cougar Park this year. Been impressed by them. Keighley are on fire this year.
  2. The club is now owned by people who really want it to succeed. They are not spending beyond there limit. Good times are happening at Cougar Park. More signings in the pipeline.
  3. The second sin bin. Was the turning point. Both sin bins were good calls by the ref.
  4. 6 games isn't enough. Disgraceful tackle.
  5. What a great idea. Spend 2 years building a fan base. Then move to a new venue. Then expect those to travel to a new venue. Maybe a long and difficult trip on a Fri night. Thats one way of losing fans. What a stupid idea.
  6. Well done Mick. https://keighleycougars.uk/mick-o-neill-mbe
  7. Has anyone got the pic of Barrie Mac and Terry Oconner smacking some Aussie players?
  8. Bradford have been badly run for a while now. For years we have had fans of clubs in SL, saying clubs in the lower leagues have to lift they game to into SL. Maybe its time for clubs in SL to lift there game to stay in it.
  9. If the problem is poorly trained young players. Why are we not replacing the poor trainers. Instead of replacing the up and coming British kids coming through?
  10. If its true he was sold to pay wages. Things must be really bad.
  11. Chris there ###### mate.......................... ................as you know i am joking. Chris some of them really are very good. Love the barber one.
  12. Hi Dave. Yes i did it. Will have to have a dam good think about what i can post. I dont really set pics up, just take what i want to.
  13. Hi Dave. Dave can you give us a start date and what we need to take a pic of. Not sure if my camera will be good enough but count me in.
  14. I have to agree with you and Padge. I love that one as well.
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