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  1. Against Toulouse thats a good result. Compared to our last trip over there.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Cougar fan.
  3. Shouldnt we wait to get the full facts before blaming the car driver.
  4. One thing to come out of all of this. Is the sorry state of the political elite.
  5. We won this for one simple reason. The team started from the 1st minute. Let's hope we can keep doing it.
  6. There will have to be a amazing turnaround to get promoted.
  7. Love the race. One day would love to spend 3 weeks following it. It meant a hell of a lot to Cav to get that shirt on the first day. I hope he gets another one.
  8. Pains me to see this. But I cannot see Keighley winning there next two games.
  9. Today's game has once again showed our weaknesses. We are light in the forwards. Our game control and decision making at crucial times is badly lacking. We are consistently, inconsistent
  10. If this is the way he is doing things. Then God for that. If he doesn't get his demands he should walk away.
  11. I am not basing it on one game. We have shown this season we are not good enough to win promotion.
  12. As a Keighley fan. I can honestly say after today's game. Our season is over.
  13. Paul March has publicly apologised for the performance at the weekend. The players have said they will not take there match fees. Instead will put into a fund for the fans who travelled. As a Keighley fan. I did not expect to win. But to lose by such a score is not on.
  14. The show is getting better every episode. One thing C.Evans will do is change the format around to make it work.
  15. No that's not what I am saying. We don't not seem to get going till the second half.
  16. Which random acts are you talking about.
  17. As a Keighley I can honestly say this is not a surprise. We always seem to turn up in the second half. We have been able to turn it around in the second half. Coming up against the class of Toulouse they played all the game.
  18. I have been told they were. Regis Pasture-Curtine and Manuel Peralta. No way could I remember.
  19. I know some guys who are going over in transit vans. Going to sleep in them.
  20. Horrible news. Thinking of his family and friends.
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