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  1. Iam sure the HT score was 28-14 and FT was 28-35, they didn't want to come out 2nd half but did all be it late and did a good job on us!
  2. Haven to London 5 hours 31 mins in this weather as well. Well done everyone involved with Haven who travelled.
  3. Too soon? Have you been outside today? I certainly didn't fancy going in that weather, they have to make a decision and stick to it - and they have. Nearly all matches postponed.
  4. It's a good job Rovers fans don't boycott Fax away because you'd lose a decent chunk of revenue!
  5. Can't see it being a big crowd, poor ko time and Fax don't bring many.
  6. I think what it is is that its been quite successful for us and it hasn't gone down too well.
  7. Who knows certainly not us mere supporters, ask Mark Campbell.
  8. If we didn't use it with Leeds another team would. I personally don't agree with it but it is what it is.
  9. I can't see them getting to play there for free, they must contribute some money surely!
  10. Why would anyone at Fev predict an unbeaten season? Even Saints get beat!
  11. Apparently as assistant player coach.
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