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  1. As a Fev fan its unbelievable after all the hard work put in and the fans ive spoken to are fuming and have threatened to cancel Rovers TV and the squad bulder money if the club can afford to pay fines!
  2. Its definitely WRONG what theyve done and i agree should be punished but other clubs fans are loving it and going overboard about it, lets wait and see what happens and then we (well they) will have to accept their punishment. Can't believe they are daft enough to do this.
  3. We haven't had one for donkeys years lol.
  4. Well i stand corrected and its absolutely stupid!
  5. How do you know when this is? Surely not daft enough to have this many there AND there shouldn't have any there.
  6. Excellent, well done to everyone who have contributed to it.
  7. We were all told in 1998 to up grade our grounds, Fev did but Wakefield spent it on players, they won the GF and promised to do ground so they could stay in SL, the rest is history.
  8. Apart from the West stand there's nothing wrong with Oakwell.
  9. It was tounge in cheek lol, best of luck, ruffle some feathers.
  10. Why? If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  11. If you have seen the old photos of games in the 40,s 50,s and 60,s there were always plenty with flat caps on and that's why we are called the flat clappers I should imagine.
  12. I really enjoyed the game and didn't realise how much the taped crowd noise made a difference till i tried to watch a football match on Saturday without the noise,turned it off as the background noise makes it better for me.
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