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  1. Not tonight, Iam a Barnsley supporter need em to beat Luton.
  2. They could have made a decision a while ago it's obvious they don't want promotion and relegation so they should have made it clear. What's point playing behind closed doors in the Championship especially with nothing to play for.
  3. I can well understand getting fed up and even staying at home but not give up and go to another team, out of the question for 99.9% of supporters surely!
  4. A true supporter would NEVER change teams!
  5. Good idea but they want to get the car park sorted first it's a disgrace!
  6. I went to Huyton away and remember the front of the main stand had school chairs, the players walked across the pitch in a big line looking for broken glass or anything un towards on the pitch AND they locked the gates when the match kicked off. Always stuck in my mind as it was so different to other away games.
  7. Why bother with scrums at all? Complete waste of time.
  8. It's all about opinions which all have lol.
  9. Yeah, we got there in the end lol.
  10. The post i read was about RL it didn't define between England and Australia but like you quite rightly pointed out there's a huge difference between us and them.
  11. Trump my a--- well are they coping or not? Re Read what i replied to!
  12. Nrl seem to be coping ok.
  13. A Yorkshire Cup winners medal from Fevs win v Hull 1959. Willis Fawley (hooker) left me it when he passed away. Used to live near him many moons ago and told him about the Fev matches when i got home.
  14. I wonder if anyone else remembers when this was but i can remember playing Warrington at home and being in control and a decent lead but they kept announcing other scores and it seemed to spur Warrington on (i think they needed Wigan to lose). Warrington did end up beating us but i can't remember when it was lol.
  15. I went to Barrow but forgot we clinched it that night many moons ago now.
  16. Iam 100% sure we beat Workington at home in 1977 to win Championship and i don't think it was on Grandstand, correct me if iam wrong.
  17. Australia have handled it far better then the UK.
  18. So a lot of fans will probably think why waste their time and money on what inefect are friendlies.
  19. That's who I've been to most when my Son first emigrated to Australia but he's in Brisbane now so we go there when i go but Eeels will always be the team i want to do well.
  20. Watch football but only live (Barnsley) can watch any RL on tele or live, season ticket holder at Fev.
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