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  1. Correct Dave. If the had done a short kick off and got possession then there would be twice as many complaints because they would have been Jin drop goal territory right away. As you say, giving up an 18 point lead is what lost it and not what happened in ET We have lots to build on. A great season a d the next one could be even better. Still loving this club
  2. That is fantastic news. Well done Garry. A few awards for the club today then :-)
  3. That fought and died for Proud Powells army and sent Fax homeward to think again
  4. Sorry mate, not sure what you mean?? If you are an adult and you have two kids then it is open to you. This is a standard offer open to all, not just for new members. You can bring the wife on the 2 adult / 2 children family ticket. Or if you were a season ticket holder last year and she wasn't, you can introduce her for just
  5. Well no point buying a family ticket then But the point is that there are 14 games, not 10.
  6. Colin, In my personal opinion, having a season ticket is about much more than a frugal investment. It is an opportunity to be a part of the club and help the club financially through a lean period where there are no fixtures (but still many bills to pay). The club gives you a discount in return.
  7. Hi Andy, I passed your money on directly to Rob last night. Thanks, Martin
  8. There will be one on Thursday at the ground when the tickets go on sale.
  9. I beleive they will be specific seat numbers
  10. Sure, but there are always some that get carried away. A lot of monies worth of Camera Equipment was in danger because a few got too close.
  11. And if it wasn't for the pathetic pitch with the slope on it they would have beaten us :lol: :lol:
  12. OK, the nerves are starting to jangle now.... I still expect a 20 point win though... First tackle will be tasty
  13. Last time I saw Jim he was zig-zagging across the car park at 3am after the player awards... promising to be up at 9:30 to go watch the reserves at Whitehaven! - yeah right!!!
  14. Seriously, I am not nervous. I think this is ours and we will do it by 20 clear points.
  15. I hope the first team exposure that the lads have had will stand you in good stead for a quick return to the Championship next year. I think you can consider Dylan Skee to be established now though, he has received accolades in this months Rugby League World. You must conceded that the sending off was harsh.... and if the ref had seen what Jackson did he would most certainly have been off. Yes that goal kick was funny, sometimes you know it is not your day and you just have to laugh! Let's hope we are back up there for the final. All the best with saving the club, RL needs a strong Whitehaven club and it is always a pleasure to come up there. Ovo
  16. Great article. Also great to see Tonka is player of the month
  17. Just on way back. This was a great performance against haven who fielded a number of first teamers Craig Benson, tyronne dalton, Dylan skee, mark Jackson, Los Hamzet To name a few! Mark Jackson was simply there to bully the young lads and his elbow was the cause of an injury to Daz Bryan that held the game up for 10 mins. I am pleased to say that Daz is well enough to travel home with the team Ref was a real homer and sent Nat Browne of for a mistimed lunge. Very harsh. He then binned bassinder for holding down and dobek for speaking out of turn So rovers played with 10 men for a 9 min period and were amazingly still in the game until the final 10 mins With a fairer playing field and equal numbers we could have won this A lot of pride and passion on the team
  18. Very sorry for those who could not hear or see at the back. The awards evening improves every year and ensuring that paying species get a better experience will be my priority next year if I am involved Thanks for all your support of this event
  19. It is time they were out. Surely they cannot be bailed out again and this experiment has to come to an end. I will be at the London Skolars game tonight, supporting the proper London club. You know, the one that has (rightly) started at the bottom of the proffesional pile and has to grow organically and work its way up through the league structure. I don't think that this is a repreive for Wakey. I hope not. How many lies have they told about their ground over the years? This could give new hope to us, who is to say that there will not be two out and two in??? We must win that Grand Final to keep the pressure on. After all, we are the only team along with Widnes that are building an infrastructure by developing the acadamy to compete with Superleague. These games coming up for both the reserves and the first team are very important for building a case about being the strongest club outside of SuperLeague. BTW, the best news for me is that Daryl Powell is talking about a contract extension. He is really building a club for the future, not just a team for today.
  20. I agree with that. Bluebeard is a vital cog in the club as a whole and particularly the matchday experience. You are doing a great job Paul.
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