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  1. The Bulls' website article clears everything up..... Clearly have the same proof reader as Fev!
  2. York have been members of the RFL for over 100 years, having beating the touring Australasians and reached a CC final.....
  3. There are enough on here who claim they know how to do that... Anyway, presumably you also want him to fund any change(s) so that he, not the sport, is taking the risk? Something he'd surely be happy to do if it's going to lead to all those riches.
  4. There was an offer of £1.25m for any teams choosing to merge. Huddersfield had finished bottom 2 years in a row so would have been more likely to miss out than Sheffield, although as I've stated Sheffield would quite possibly have gone belly up, as would Hull if they had not merged with Gateshead. Again no one made them merge. Games were supposed to be split between Hudds and Sheff but that didn't last long so it was actually the club owners who killed off the original Sheffield
  5. They were not 'made' to merge, they and Huddersfield (as did Gateshead and Hull) chose to do so to gain access to a bung of £1. 25m. Sheffield were skint and would likely have gone bust if they hadn't
  6. 1st try of game (Welham), Chisholm, Gale and 1st one on this for Ferres (all 4 available to watch again on Fev's twitter )
  7. TBH the 2nd half was a mistake fest for both sides (1st half marginally less so). Was surprised at 'fax taking the 2 earlyish in the 1st half with the scores close when the penalty would have given them a 3rd(?) set.
  8. Yes, you can pay on day at ticket hut as haskey says, but if you buy online before midnight you'll save £1.75 (£20 + 25p booking fee instead of £22) which you can then top up to £2 and buy 3 Golden Gamble tickets to potentially win £200.....
  9. Look on the brightside, gives him a better chance of staying fit for the play offs.......
  10. By doing he'd be putting a potential move to SL at risk if someone had to pay a 'fee' so even if we did/had offered a deal I'm sure his advisors would caution against rushing to sign.
  11. Net total assets up £110k, total debts down £89k and cash in hand up £257k. Also paid off a £200k loan.
  12. That probably applies to a number of our signings announced for 2022
  13. 'fax's recent accounts (to year ending Nov 2020, issued last week) show debts down from £261k to £150k with net assets of £48k as opposed to a net deficit of £123k in 2019 and cash in hand up from £31k to £125k. Fev's accounts are due in November.
  14. Used to drive it both ways every other weekend when I was doing missionary work over t'other side of the pennines some 30 odd years ago. My aim was to try and not touch the brake pedal between the A629 roundabout (now gone) and Hollingworth!
  15. They've been FT time since June 1st, not quite 13 weeks......
  16. Not yet mathematically certain - if we lose the last 3 games and 'fax win their last 3 games both clubs' win% would be the same so it would go to points difference% (although we currently have a decent advantage on that so 'fax would need some big wins and/or us big loses).
  17. A player on loan is considered to be transferred (ie he is registered as a player for the borrowing club, not the parent) for the period of the loan
  18. What can of worms could possibly be opened? It takes time to carry out thorough investivations and they are carried out under essentially the same legal rules of England as a court case, which allows the 'accused' time to prepare and present their defence?
  19. They haven't 'got away' with ignoring the protocols though. And investigations actually take time to carry out.
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