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  1. Absolutely and I remember a time when Campbell complained about being bored by Sharp's teams....
  2. York is 57th in size by population of cities/towns (and has a population less than Sheffield, Hull, Wigan and Doncaster) or 87th as a district in the UK&NI....
  3. Has this post somehow time travelled from 2005 when Catalans were confirmed as joining SL?
  4. I asked how they would increase capacity and your answer: "by increasing capacity". Genius. As for needing 5k, that's absolutely delusional.
  5. Never mind the stand currently being built the rest of the development of the OLP stadium will be done before those
  6. Have they ever been seen on the same pitch at the same time though?
  7. Ah, that could explain him walking. the station's just up the road
  8. Confirmed here Green, Walker and Greensmith depart Trinity - Wakefield TrinityWakefield Trinity
  9. He was walking when he came into the Fev car park for the 'fax game so..........let the conspiracies run wild.
  10. We're allegedly about to announce Pickersgill....
  11. I should have added that the much chuntering was triggered by the fact that a local (to the ground) hostelry used to put on a spread for visiting supporters and the long way round would have meant missing out on valuable imbibing time.
  12. Is the Championship Salary Cap Tracker something (else) he's made up in his head as I doubt that information will be in the public domain?
  13. Not personally but I remember the Fev Supporters' bus once continuing to head along the A66 after reaching the M6 for a game at Barrow before the driver turned round to head south down the motorway after much chuntering from the passengers....
  14. Barrow to any other ground is bad news for evening games. It's an horrendous (although scenic) drive along the A595 to Whitehaven or Workington and even though shorter than say Leigh to York takes about as long.
  15. Well it clearly wasn't of any interest before.
  16. It probably was 2 weeks ago when first reported..
  17. I've always thought you delusional but if you honestly think that a flame cannon and fireworks (great time at 7pm on a summer's evening that no one will be able to see but the noise will upset virtually every pet and their owners within a mile radius of the ground) is going to get them flocking in....
  18. It was nearly 2 weeks ago. Good to see he's on the ball...
  19. I'm hoping the home team are allowed to use the flame cannons on any opposition winger flying down the touchline, that should improve the matchday experience......and make them run a bit quicker
  20. Visually, the budget will also be used to enhance the matchday experience. Flame cannons and fireworks are among the features that should be expected at games in an attempt to improve the product to audiences.
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