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  1. In the (paraphrased) words of the late Keith Floyd "if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it."
  2. Depends if Lateral can get any businesses to buy in to a "high-quality employment and commercial development." The didn't have much success with 'high quality' retailers and there isn't exactly a shortage of such sites along the M62 and surrounding areas. Also, anyone know what the situation is re land use; I know the Gov approved the retail park but would a change of intended use require a reassessment?
  3. Ok, I'll rephrase it, WMDC won't give any of the clubs £2m for nothing (worth noting they mention yearly updates as to how things are progressing). And although £2m won't get you a great deal in terms of ground improvements - Wakey's Donny Rd 'stand' cost them £700k - it looks as though Axiom/Lateral might be stumping up some cash as a bung to enable them to change the plans for a retail park to what sounds like a business park. Wonder how much about that was known before the Resilliance Fund came into being? Super League: Castleford Tigers set to focus on Jungle redevelopment and scrap new stadium plans | Rugby League News | Sky Sports
  4. Reading WMDC's announcement I'm not sure any grant can used by the clubs to simply 'tart up' their grounds. Be interesting to see if that is bourne out if and when the scheme is approved and full details are released
  5. I'm not sure the £2m on offer is intended to (or indeed could) be used for 'stadium upgrades'
  6. That also depends on the play off structure and not sure that's been announced yet?
  7. Going on your usual prediction accuracy that's Fev fubared then.......
  8. The land will not be sorted for a while yet. The Local Plan was submitted by WMDC to the Government for consideration/approval in May this year but afaik there's no indication of when a decision will be made or announced*. Then there are the needs to find funding and/or a development partner plus planning plus construction, plus tenants...... Edit * sometime in 2022 is the only info available
  9. Sad news Stephen Holgate: Ex-England, Wigan and Workington forward dies, aged 49 - BBC Sport
  10. Burley Park and Headingley. I thought you said you knew the area?
  11. Whitehaven to Headingley is 20 miles further and 40 mins or so more than Whitehaven to Blackpool
  12. So you're suggesting that Blackpool isn't full of non-rugby fans on a bank holiday weekend?
  13. Pretty sure the answer to that is no
  14. Up to R6: January 15/16: Challenge Cup Round 1 (26 Community clubs) January 29/30: Challenge Cup Round 2 (11 League 1 clubs enter) February 12/13: Challenge Cup Round 3 February 26/27: Challenge Cup Round 4 (14 Championship clubs enter) March 12/13: Challenge Cup Round 5 March 26/27: Challenge Cup Round 6 (11 Super League clubs enter)
  15. Anyone heard about a conditioner? That role is pretty important and was a huge factor in our success during both the Powell era and the last few years
  16. You mean such as building a lower capacity (seated) stand than first planned on the west side of the ground?
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