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  1. He would be changing employers and therefore have to reapply which while it may be likely to get approved could be subject to delays. Considerably easier if one isn't needed.
  2. Chris Plume has worked as his assistant at both Leeds and Toronto
  3. It wouldn't cost me £5.5k..... Whenever these threads come up all they demonstrate is the complete lack of understanding of how precarious the finances of L1 clubs are - let's face it the SL clubs aren't shining lights of fiscal acumen.
  4. And potentially 16 to get back if returning (well leaving Cornwall) the same day. £5.5k for a group of 25 players and staff
  5. They are still tenants and played out of the OLP in the past. That was hailed as a turning point in their fortunes, but guess what? I'm at a loss as to how things are going to change to make a great deal of difference to them financially or otherwise.
  6. Mrs S and I would normally be experiencing the delights of Patterdale this (half term) week. Glad we've given it a miss this year!
  7. I think that came from one of our 'friends' from Dewsbury.
  8. They've certainly got an exclusive on no atmosphere....
  9. We have/recently had a presence in 7 of the 20 most populous cities in the UK......and 21 of the top 100
  10. And because there wasn't actually a billionaire....
  11. And Poskitt about everyone we signed/re-signed during his tenure...
  12. Absolutely and I remember a time when Campbell complained about being bored by Sharp's teams....
  13. York is 57th in size by population of cities/towns (and has a population less than Sheffield, Hull, Wigan and Doncaster) or 87th as a district in the UK&NI....
  14. Has this post somehow time travelled from 2005 when Catalans were confirmed as joining SL?
  15. I asked how they would increase capacity and your answer: "by increasing capacity". Genius. As for needing 5k, that's absolutely delusional.
  16. Never mind the stand currently being built the rest of the development of the OLP stadium will be done before those
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