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  1. Third game of the season for me and it was an improvement out there yesterday. Saying that, I didn’t think London were any great shakes compared to Leigh and Toulouse. Don’t think we have anything to worry about, we can’t expect a season like last year, we punched way above our weight. We couldn’t have asked for a harder start to the campaign but there again, there’s no easy games in this division and that’s what makes this league such a competitive and interesting one. Think we all know we are short in the half backs, I don’t think since Charlie (Benny C) left us last season with
  2. What a result. Well done all. Second half we looked like a team that was starting the gell.
  3. Hung in there that first 40 mins. Second best for much of it but only a score behind and with the wind at our backs by the looks of things. We still look a little toothless and predictable in attack at times, Robo and Johnston haven’t quite gelled for me as yet (sure they will in time as they are both decent players). Big ask in the second half to turn this around against a quality side but there was signs in that first half that we can open them up. We couldnt have asked for a harder opening three games in Toulouse, Leigh and Broncos, probably the three sides I’d expect to be in
  4. Well done Fev, totally deserved that win yesterday. You are the best side I’ve seen this year, you’ve done a professional job on us three times and once again yesterday I thought you were excellent in defence and attack. We ran out of steam yesterday and it was a game too far for our small numbered squad. As someone who watched Fev for the year in 2002 after York went under after 11 games I’ve a soft spot for your club and still have. I spent that season following Fev home and away and missed just the three games. I needed an RL fix and a club to follow while York ceased to exist an
  5. Signed for Toulouse. Statement just put out by HKR.
  6. Fingers crossed James isn’t about to go. Can’t blame HKR for sniffing around saying that. Fordy has everything in his locker to be a top coach in SL. Just hoping with Justin Morgan just arrived back in the UK that it might be him. Not that I would ever begrudge James moving on after the loyalty and his commitment to the Knights.
  7. Agree with everything from all above. James has done the most amazing job in his time at the club and long may it continue. Over the years we’ve seen so many young players come through the system and go on to better things in the game. We’ve become a breeding ground for talent. A lot of that talent was before James was at the club but a fair few have been unearthed by Fordy himself. He’s has an eye for untapped potential. His man management seems to be second to none. The fact he has a three year deal and seems a honerable man that wants to build something is most refreshing. The n
  8. In this Monday’s Rugby Leaguer is a story that Fordy is HKR first choice to take over if Tim Sheens leaves. James has not commented on it but did state that he’s just 100% focused on YCK. Classy as always. Sums the man up. I’d be gutted if he did leave but let’s be honest, he is the best young coach out there in the game at the moment. I’m sure at somepoint he will be a top coach at SL level, hopefully with the Knights. Thoughts anyone ?
  9. Three cracking signings. Well done to all in getting them over the line. In Fordy and Jon we trust. They’ve never let us down.
  10. Has signed for Newcastle Thunder. Cracking signing for them.
  11. Massive re-signing. Graeme brings that extra X factor with his vast experience and top draw quality to our pack that was already decent but now is superb. Great combination of experience, skill and the enthusiasm of keen young uns that can only get better playing alongside the likes of Horne, Spears and Scott.
  12. Yeah googled him. He played in our infamous season of 2000.
  13. Way before my time. We can’t have had many welsh lads play for us over the years can we ?
  14. That’s him Simon, late 90s wasn’t it? Same time Micheal Smith played for us. Was a shambles of a season.
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