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  1. Third game of the season for me and it was an improvement out there yesterday. Saying that, I didn’t think London were any great shakes compared to Leigh and Toulouse. Don’t think we have anything to worry about, we can’t expect a season like last year, we punched way above our weight. We couldn’t have asked for a harder start to the campaign but there again, there’s no easy games in this division and that’s what makes this league such a competitive and interesting one. Think we all know we are short in the half backs, I don’t think since Charlie (Benny C) left us last season with his injury that we’ve filled the number 6 roll. Harris did ok, Ben Johnson just hasn’t had time to gel with Robbo as yet but he’s not a bad player, maybe it’s just the system we seem to be playing with it predominantly been a forward grind down the middle and kick at the moment? We do seem to be lacking a bit of flair and pace in our game if I’m honest. Thought Marsh was excellent yesterday as was Green and Baldwinson. New hooker looked decent and after the initial first 20 minutes we seemed a little tighter in defence. There were signs of better things to come in future games. You can’t knock our lads effort or commitment, we just seem to be lacking a bit of confidence at the moment. I’m sure Fordy will sort it out. I’ve every faith in him and the players to see us move up the league soon. We’ve just got to keep the faith and keep turning out and backing the boys. Over the years we’ve seen fans turn their backs on the club when results don’t go our way, here’s hoping everyone sticks with it through this patch as we have a club to be proud of on and off the pitch. Onwards and upwards to next week and the Hornets in the cup. Might be a good fixture to find our feet, get some confidence and take that forward into the championship in the coming weeks.
  2. What a result. Well done all. Second half we looked like a team that was starting the gell.
  3. Hung in there that first 40 mins. Second best for much of it but only a score behind and with the wind at our backs by the looks of things. We still look a little toothless and predictable in attack at times, Robo and Johnston haven’t quite gelled for me as yet (sure they will in time as they are both decent players). Big ask in the second half to turn this around against a quality side but there was signs in that first half that we can open them up. We couldnt have asked for a harder opening three games in Toulouse, Leigh and Broncos, probably the three sides I’d expect to be in the top three places in this league. I just hope fans don’t start running the players down or getting on their backs, it’s a long old season ahead and I’m sure Fordy will know what’s needed and we will be better for the tough start and know the standards that are required at this level for this season. Come on Knights, you can do this today.
  4. Well done Fev, totally deserved that win yesterday. You are the best side I’ve seen this year, you’ve done a professional job on us three times and once again yesterday I thought you were excellent in defence and attack. We ran out of steam yesterday and it was a game too far for our small numbered squad. As someone who watched Fev for the year in 2002 after York went under after 11 games I’ve a soft spot for your club and still have. I spent that season following Fev home and away and missed just the three games. I needed an RL fix and a club to follow while York ceased to exist and since I’m not the biggest SL fan and don’t like the fact everything revolves round it I couldn’t follow anyone within its ranks. So where is the heartbeat of RL I thought? Where is the cut and thrust, passion, tradition and the commitment and loyalty of fans in the leagues outside of SL? Fev obviously. I spent many a happy Sunday watching Paul Newlove, Jamie Rooney, Chappy and not to mention a few players that came over to us in Chris Spurr, Paul (chubba) Darley, Danny Seal and Neil Lowe. The best game of RL I’ve ever seen was that season. Fev 46 HKR 40! What a game. If there’s one side I’d love to see in SL it’s you lot, you’re a top club, with top fans that run blue and white through the veins. It’s a big ask to turn Toronto over on their own patch but I fancy you against Toulouse. One thing for certain, miracles do happen, look at the Knight, we were cannon fodder this season, nearly everyone had written us off but we have a chairman that’s changed the club around, a coach who is the best young coach in the game and seems to get the best out of players that have something to prove while having an eye for unearthing a gem of a players that others wouldn’t look at. We’ve had the most incredible season, the best in the 40 odd years I’ve watched York. We’ve believed we can beat anyone and that the side will run and be 100% committed to each other and wear the shirt with pride. There’s a great bond between the club, chairman, coach, players and us fans. I get the same feeling about Fev, you are good enough to turn both Toronto and Toulouse over. Fans and players together can make a massive difference. I’ll be cheering you on. Good luck for the rest of the play offs. You’re a club with a heartbeat that stil, values it's past while still moving forward. Be together and believe, with that anything can happen.
  5. Signed for Toulouse. Statement just put out by HKR.
  6. Fingers crossed James isn’t about to go. Can’t blame HKR for sniffing around saying that. Fordy has everything in his locker to be a top coach in SL. Just hoping with Justin Morgan just arrived back in the UK that it might be him. Not that I would ever begrudge James moving on after the loyalty and his commitment to the Knights.
  7. Agree with everything from all above. James has done the most amazing job in his time at the club and long may it continue. Over the years we’ve seen so many young players come through the system and go on to better things in the game. We’ve become a breeding ground for talent. A lot of that talent was before James was at the club but a fair few have been unearthed by Fordy himself. He’s has an eye for untapped potential. His man management seems to be second to none. The fact he has a three year deal and seems a honerable man that wants to build something is most refreshing. The new ground must be a big pull, been full time and having a superb relationship with JF must be a big pull. I’m pretty positive that James will be at the club next season and that he will see the club continue to flourish in what is achieved out on the pitch. There’s no doubt he is heading for SL at somepoint in time, he deserves the chance I’m sure we would all agree? If it isn’t with the Knights I can’t imagine anyone would begrudge him the opportunity of moving on, it’s the least he deserves after he’s stood by the club through such turbulent times a few years back. In the meantime here’s to celebrating the fact that Fordy is with our club and I’m sure he will be for a fair bit of time to come. Let’s enjoy his coaching while we can.
  8. In this Monday’s Rugby Leaguer is a story that Fordy is HKR first choice to take over if Tim Sheens leaves. James has not commented on it but did state that he’s just 100% focused on YCK. Classy as always. Sums the man up. I’d be gutted if he did leave but let’s be honest, he is the best young coach out there in the game at the moment. I’m sure at somepoint he will be a top coach at SL level, hopefully with the Knights. Thoughts anyone ?
  9. Three cracking signings. Well done to all in getting them over the line. In Fordy and Jon we trust. They’ve never let us down.
  10. Has signed for Newcastle Thunder. Cracking signing for them.
  11. From abject at Fev to sublime against Widnes. These knight players have huge hearts and guts aplenty to turn around a very poor performance against Fev to a famous win against a huge club in Widnes and all this in little over 48 hours. Best win of the season and performance, to a man we were magnificent. Well done everyone. Proud as punch tonight. Buzzing !
  12. Let’s be honest we’ve punched above our weight and probably caught sides off guard as they maybe underestimated us at first. At the start of the season before a ball was kicked/passed I had it in my mind that 16/18 points would more than likely keep us up. I’d have been happy just surviving and building a team that can become an established championship force like Batley/Fax or the Rams. Our start has way exceeded my expectations for 2019. We’ve been superb for the best part of it. Apart from Widnes with the 11 players and Fev yesterday we’ve been competitive in every game we’ve played. Yes, we might be a little light in players and depth in quality BUT we can’t match the likes of Bradford/Fev/Widnes etc for financial muscle. We need to build our fan base which is growing (money through the gate is such a vital asset to the club) and get the businesses in York onboard with the club (big improvement and uptake this season Benny C doing a cracking job) then watch us go. There is a lot of interest out there in the City in RL, a lot head over to Leeds /Cas I know but a fair few are now attending Knights games too. The club has done an amazing job out in the schools promoting the Club and the game, there’s a lot of potential new fans out there, it would only take one game seeing the Knights and I’m sure people would fall in love with the game and our club. We can average over 2 and a half K a game I’m sure next season. We have a superb product and a club to be proud of. We are putting championship and SL clubs to shame in the way the club is promoting itself via Social Media etc. Yes we got well turned over yesterday, yes we could get a beating again on Monday but this club has been a breath of fresh air in my life for the last few seasons. The chairman, Neil, Fordy and all the lads have all been magnificent. I’m so proud of the club and the way it has risen from the dead. We’ve come so far in a short space of time, it’s a pleasure and gives me and many others great joy to be there on game days be it win/lose or draw. Come on guys, let’s not start moaning or running anyone down because we’ve lost a couple of games against a very good established side in Fev and a SL club that was relegated last season. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined we would have 12 points 9 games. It’s been a dream start, we’ve excided my expectations. We have a club to be proud of, a club that’s moving forward, a forward thinking club, a club that has great standing in the community and a club that has the potential in years to come that could be in SL. Lets keep the Faith and get behind the club and the lads. We can make the difference by just walking through the turnstiles and giving the lads our full support.
  13. Terrible performance. Defensively we were awful. We feel well below the standards that have been set so far this season. The ref was poor but we gave way too many soft penalties away and some of our D out on the fringes was paper thin. Saying all this it’s obvious that injuries and the busy program over the Easter period means that Fordy has to juggle the side around. We do look light for me squad wise, the depth is a little worrying at the moment. I'm sure the standards will return Monday but I can’t see us winning been honest against a very good Widnes side. It will need a massive improvement from tonight’s showing to see us get anything from Monday. The lads have done so well and I’m sure this set back will see us learn from it in the long run. Just hope we can get that shape and workrate back and we will be fine. This division is a tough league and we have done incredibly well so far. I’m proud of the club and the lads. Onwards and upwards.
  14. Amazing result yesterday. Toulouse are on fire at the moment. Not seen a report but to score 40 unanswered points makes you think that Toronto might have had a man or two sent off? Unthinkable before the season that we could be top. I’d just settle for a one point win today (heart might not take it) and another victory under the Knights belt. Im sure it’s going to be tough today what with the pitch been a mess I’m guessing? There’s no easy games in this division but I’m sure Fordy and the lads will be switched on and do a thoroughly professional job and hopefully come away with another 2 points.
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