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  1. Great win. We look a different side compared to a month ago. Granted we are still a long way off been a complete package but let’s give credit where it is due. Lot better in defence and with two half backs on the pitch to dictate us around the pitch and some good lines been run by the pack we looked more potent in attack. The two Leeds lads have really given us a spark and McDonnell really caught the eye with his runs on the fridges. Big shoutouts to Sam Scott who was massive, Kriss Brining who speeded things up in his first spell and Tim Spears for his leadership. Really enjoyed the game. Was a good team performance and a deserved victory. Was sat with the Widnes fans one of which said we were hopeless and with the wind second half that they (Widnes) would put 50 on us. His mate responded with fairness that, the Chemics only play for 40 minutes so we would come away with the points if they played to type…and they did. Well played lads, big credit for a much improved performance. Credit to Fordy and the coaching staff too. Tough game next week at Fev but we do look a better side so hopefully we can give them a game.
  2. Vital win. Lot better today both in attack and defence. The two Leeds lads both have pace and are strong in contact. Both had good games and gave us different attacking options. Ronan deservedly won MOM on his birthday. Thought he had a cracking game. Shout out to Clarkson who has taken some flack this season but credit him for a decent game too. We look a better more organised side with Timmy Spears in the side. He's a leader and we seem more settled with him out on the paddock. Good to see Matty M back too. All in all a good performance and one we can build on. We seemed to have more confidence today which was good to see. Credit to the lads and also to James and the coaching team. Well played lads. Hopefully its upwardly mobile up that table from now on.
  3. Huge game for us on Sunday. Thought there were some good signs with ball in hand v Fev. Hopefully we can take that into the Swinton game and come away with two points that could go a long way in securing out Championship status. Fingers crossed we can start strong and get the first score then the confidence might come back. We’ve just got to support the lads Sunday and I’m sure we all will. Fingers crossed for a decent performance and two points. Be interesting to see squad selection, a few back from injuries and others back from self isolating. In Fordy we trust. Omwards and upwards.
  4. Enjoyed the game if not the result. In that heat big kudos to both sides for putting on a great spectacle and playing for the full 80. Yes defensively both sides were not the best but you can’t knock either side for effort. Unlucky Knights, there were signs of what we can do with ball in hand if only we could sort that defence out. Congratulations to Fev on the win.
  5. Exactly that. I’ve been called out as not been a real fan…ironically by someone who’s been watching three years. Nothing wrong with a new fan base, just the opposite, it proves the club is selling its product well and I hope most newbies stick with the club through good and bad I’ve seen the club die twice, seen us hammered at the likes of Rochdale Big Mick Nanyn scoring 5 or six that day, seeing us get smashed by 90 at Widnes with Phil Cantillon scoring six (I think). Seeing us get beat when been the Wasps at Gateshead Thunder when they’d not won in a year and a half by 50 points and stood at Ryedale Staduim/Huntington Stadium with 200 diehards there. I’m saying we do love the club and support it by sticking with it over all them years.
  6. You’ve missed my point. I’ve said we are terrible and I’m saying we should all be aloud to have a go, good or bad as we pay our money. This current side is awful and an embarrassment. Things need to change. But like the last 45 years I’ll still turnout week after week.
  7. I’m hoping Fev might declare next weekend Coolie.
  8. What gets me is that like a lot I know who use this board and others that don’t have supported York through their lifetime. They’ve been there week in, week out, through thin and thinner in most cases. We all back the boys that take the field in a York shirt. We love the club, it’s in the blood. Sure most like me have bought season tickets for decades, bought the shirts, training gear, done the club lotto, bought the golden gamble tickets, programmes, happy to be a patron and see your money happily used by the club with the COVID season etc but soon as you have a slight knocking of the club people come out and say you’re not a real fan? Well over the years I hate to think of all the money if spent following the club, home, away and abroad on a couple of occasions. Would I do it all again and still spend all that money knowing the team has never been the best? Yes, in a heartbeat. I don’t have to not air a negative opinion to be a true fan. Let’s face facts, I’d love this current squad to be spanking sides every game but we ain’t that good are we? The table doesn’t lie. Will all us opinionated sorts still be there next home game or there in three years time at a wet Spotlands on a Sunday or Tuesday night like we have in the past? Yes, sure most of us will be. Be it a successful side or the usual underwhelming team we see most seasons. Just like most on here, I’m proud of the club, win, lose or draw be it relegation or promotion or even champions one day maybe. We all have an opinion, I for one thing it’s reasonable to air good and bad thoughts. I’ve changed holiday plans to come home early to see games, paid people to cover shifts,planned holidays around games and YES, I’d do all that again. York and proud.
  9. At least we can all look forward to Wembley next week. Should be a great day out…best find the abacus
  10. We’ve woken up. Two great tries in truth !
  11. Twenty minutes in and I’ve had to turn it off and go weed the garden. I hate gardening so that tells you how bad this is. Defence is shocking.
  12. Been a York fan of 45 years we are used to abject failure and defeat. I’m just glad we have a club. Seeing your side not win one game in a season and get 40, 50 or more pumped by them every week in the bad old days really does toughen you up. This is all a breeze and a good season as rubbish as they are going this year compared to them Wasps days. We must love pain
  13. One thing from today’s game that does deserve a huge big up was the incredible acrobatic finish from Perry in the corner. That was some try and what we’ve been missing all season. Well done the Pez man.
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