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  1. Jordy Thompson for mine. He’s been superb. Special mentions for Danny Kirmond, James Glover and Marshy. AJ is a future player of the year in the making.
  2. Phil, I’d love nothing more then to see you turn that mob over and make SL. They’ve had their chances. When the Knights went under back in the day I spent a season following Fev around home and away to get my fix of league. It was a good season and I still have a soft spot for them to this day. Just think Leigh will outmuscle you, really hope I’m wrong though.
  3. It’s a fair way down the search but a few people put me onto it when he took over the club.
  4. Just Google his name on the net.
  5. It’s the promotion of the club that seems to have stagnated under him. We were out there all the time getting the Knights brand out to the York public. It was cool for a period been associated with the Knights. Now, it’s just dropped off a cliff. I couldn’t tell you what he looks like but I’m sure we’ve all read the stories of him on the net.
  6. Agree. I couldn’t even tell you his name been honest.
  7. Leigh are a super league club playing in the championship. Let’s be honest they are head and shoulders the best side in this league (sorry fev fans) Knew we’d need an abacus looking at the side that was been put out but it doesn’t excuse the capitulation that happened. Changes need to be made be it players out, new coach or a change in the style of play under James. Fordy has done miracles and it pains me to have a go at him but he picks the side, style of play and motives the players so he’s got to take some responsibility. The clubs on the slide so it seems. The feel good factor/buzz went when Flatman left and the new guy took over. Just hope we can regroup and kick on for next season as this season can’t come to an end quick enough.
  8. Going by Andy Acko and his commentary on Radio York today it sounds like we were lucky again. Saying that again we showed character and guts to win in the second half. We look so much fitter than the last two years. That is showing in the 2nd half and we have desire to defend the line like our lives depend on it too. As regards the side Ellis has won the last two games with his goal kicking but we don’t have the same attacking spark without BOH in the side for me. It’s shame that BOH spends so much time sat in the stands as he is the heartbeat of the side when he’s fit. Like Bailey but as others have stated, he’s better in the second row his natural position. He’s doing a decent job for us though there but it would be nice to see Levi Edwards back in the side when fit as he was explosive and really looked a cracking prospect. Saying all that we’ve won 12 out of 15 games and Fordy plus coaching staff and the players deserve huge credit for the turn around in form compared to last season. We’ve recruited well and I’m sure they’ll be a replacement coming in for Sam Davis. Jubby has been outstanding this term. Will along with Jordy Thompson never have a bad game. Always a 8 out of 10 week in week out. It would be nice to see maybe a hooker as back up in to help out Jubby and maybe another utility forward to see Jordy, Kirmo and Clarky get a rest. With all three of them been superb this term. Another scruffy win but it’s a win.
  9. Agree. We didn’t play bad just the fact Fax did everything better than us on the day. He played well and looks a handy signing.
  10. Best side won today, Fax more than deserved the win. They looked dangerous every time they attacked. Keyes cut us open time and again. We just looked out of sort defensively but they ran some great lines and had real shape about them in attack. Not our best day but 9 wins out of 12, I’d have taken that at the start of the season. Upwards and onwards.
  11. Anyone seen the workington forum? Claims Pauli Pauli has been released because of disciplinary issues at York and signed for Worky. Any truth?
  12. I’d say 3-400ish. Made a decent noise for the first 20 minutes.
  13. Without doubt the best performance by the Knights since moving into the new stadium. After last weeks poor showing I feared for us before the game what with the Vikings in decent form but that fear was dispelled with the knights putting on an outstanding performance across the board 1-17 and for the full 80 mins. I’d have payed the admission money only just to see Levi Edwards footwork in bamboozling four defenders and off load! It was that good. The kid looks a talent. Whole side were immense but huge shout out to the pack that dominated from the first minute. My mom was Danny Kirmond who had a massive game both in attack and defence. He was backed up superbly by Chris Clarkson. Both lads have had stick in the past but both still have so much quality and it showed in todays performance. Jack Teanby had a stormer, his best game in a long while and it was good to see Two P’s doing some damage in his short but productive spells. All in all a good day. Ladies side played well and look to have recruited well. Stanley at full back looks exceptional as does Hollie Dodd who runs some quality lines at pace. Well done to both sets of Knights players. You did us proud.
  14. A fair few missing but todays gone and it’s on to another big game against the Vikings. We certainly need to turn up as they are flying. The discipline and defence needs to be cleaned up by the sounds of it on todays showing. Andy Acko didn’t seem too impressed with it today. Hats off to all the knights fans that made the trip north to witness that. Must have been hard viewing even with all the changes. Next weeks another week. Onwards and upwards.
  15. Couldn’t have done much worse Coolie lad by the sounds of it
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