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  1. It’s a spectator sport, aim to win, but they are there to entertain
  2. Deffo better to play! To watch I find it boring, however I played the game for over 20 years!
  3. Probably, I didn’t see it before
  4. Haha, derek and Marwan on judge rinder!
  5. Yes. Think it’s the club being awkward for some reason. I know I need a link but nobody will send me it!
  6. Wow, how hard is it to sign a junior player on? My son wishes to play for a club in hull, however, when I’m asking what he needs to do to become registered I have been passed from pillar to post, nobody can give me a direct answer on how to register him. Then I’m being told they might not sign players while next season. No wonder numbers are dropping! Rant over
  7. Was this from this morning? I saw women’s highlights and information about how to watch all three games and a general conversation about the games between the presenters and mike bushell (think that’s his name)
  8. Good luck! Tough to start at that age, well done!
  9. It’s tough game! I feel your pain. I’m also suffering from a lot of old injuries. Truth be told I wouldn’t have ever played if I knew the damage
  10. Hi, just wondering who’s played the game? What levels have you played at? I’ll start, Amateur International and Championship level.
  11. Anyone want to count the crowd at this old ncl game
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