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  1. 14 minutes ago, Desert Skipper said:

    Sunday Times interview with the CEO of Jet2Holidays:


    “Rugby league or rugby union?

    Rugby league”


    Good man, Mr Heapy! 

    Looks like he's an Oldham lad so makes sense.

    Jet2's head office is 5 miles from Headingley and their customers skew northern so always wise to keep onside with them too 🙂

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  2. 5 hours ago, Josef K said:

    I think Saints sold 1,800 in all with a few more paying at the gate(or using a debit card). How much are seating tickets in the North Stand MJM, if i ever go to Leeds again i might be tempted to take a sit down. 

    Adult is £32 if bought in advance. Away fans are allocated Section A which is adjacent to the Western Terrace.

    It was a good following from Saints on Friday, the terrace looked around half full. The official capacity is exactly 4,000 so maybe 2,000 fans. Perhaps a bit less as some Leeds fans do stand there.

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  3. 9 hours ago, yipyee said:

    Leeds only allocated 1500 to saints, shooting themselves in the foot there, is that the capacity of the derelict stand they force away fans into?

    No, not even half the capacity of the away end. St Helens were also allocated seats in the North Stand.

    But I have no idea what "shooting themselves in the foot" means, or what you think it means.

    Very few away ticket allocations in SL are fixed and they are often decided in consultation with the away team - i.e. how many do you think you will sell. If the away team thinks they are going to sell out their allocation the conventional thing is to ask the home club for more tickets. If that didn't happen then St Helens have an administration problem.

  4. Here we go, I was waiting for this to drop.

    It's one of the crisis moment Gary Hetherington open letters all Leeds fans are so familiar with.



    On behalf of the Leeds Rhinos Management and Board, I felt it was important that I communicated with our supporters following the bitter disappointment of our exit from the Challenge Cup on Saturday, compounded by our poor start to the season. 

    Firstly, I would like to say that these performances are clearly unacceptable and fall far below the standards this proud club has set. I think perhaps our recent run feels so raw because of the hope and optimism we all had at the start of the season that we were ready to mount a challenge at the top of the table again. 

    When we think back to that pre-season feeling, we felt we had established a squad with the right blend of youth and experience with as much strength in depth as possible within the constraints of the salary cap. We have lost players to injury, as every team in Super League does, but also caused problems for ourselves with our own indiscipline. 

    As our long time supporters will know, we have faced adversity like this at times before and the lessons from those experiences are invaluable as we look to plot a course to better times ahead. 

    The squad are clearly low on confidence at present, the first half against Castleford showed that, as we allowed our heads to drop after conceding the early tries. The job of Jamie Jones-Buchanan and the rest of our performance department is to turn that around in the short term. I still believe that this group of players are as capable and talented as we all thought at the start of the year but the key now is to start showing that with our performances.  

    Long term, we find ourselves in need of a new Head Coach. At Leeds, that appointment carries many unique opportunities and the ideal candidate will offer both coaching expertise but, perhaps as importantly, be a leader with a vision for how this team will evolve and become the Champion side we know it can be. I believe this appointment is as important as my decision to bring Tony Smith in back in 2003. In contrast, back then we were challenging for honours on all fronts but needed to go to the next level with a new appointment. 

    To that end, we have begun an exhaustive search both at home and abroad and this weekend I will travel to Australia to meet a number of potential candidates to speak to them in person and further advance our search for a new Head Coach. We have worked hard in recent years to develop and secure a group of talented, young players and this appointment will be crucial in allowing them to fulfil their potential. 

    I fully understand the frustration and disappointment that all our supporters are feeling at present. Having dedicated the last 25 years to re-establishing the club as a force in the game, I share those frustrations but I would ask you all to give Jamie and the team your support as they aim to get themselves back on their feet and we can start to move forward in the coming weeks. 

    Thanks for all your support.

    Gary Hetherington

    Chief Executive


  5. 13 minutes ago, Damien said:

     Did those coaches conceed 40 points in their first game? That would be more relevant.

    In answer to this point Sinfield's team conceded 40 whilst Powell's conceded 36. Agar lost to a team in the division below.

    So evidence of a bounce back of any form is limited. When David Ward took over they lost relatively narrowly - but then again Mal Reilly didn't really leave for performance issues.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Damien said:

    I talked about performance, I'm not sure why you are trying to twist this to win or why such a general point is being made Leeds specific. Did those coaches conceed 40 points in their first game? That would be more relevant.

    I'm not sure my statement of fact can be considered to be twisting anything.

    I'm not sure what my reply @Chrispmartha has to do with you anyway.

  7. 57 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    Can only sell what's going on there, and what is going on there is Rugby League. A village sport which is attracting village crowds.

    Jeez give it a rest will you.

    Banging on about how ###### you think Rugby League is or how you don't care for what have been some of the sport's essential characteristics since forever is tedious at the best of times.

    Deciding to bang on about them here, coincidental to Leeds wetting their pants again on national tv, just gives the impression that the two might be for some reason connected.

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  8. Just now, Chrispmartha said:

    There isn’t always a positive effect in the very next game as it obviously disrupts preparation.


    Leeds have very rarely had a ‘bounce back’ straight away its a myth

    I can't think of a time when we've sacked a coach mid season and gone on to win the next game.

    Reilly to Ward - no.

    Lance to Powell - no. 

    McDermott to Sinfield - no.

    Furner to Agar - no.

    Agar to Jones-Buchanan - no.

    So I think we're looking back at the Fox to Bamford transition in 86/87 for the last time they won after sacking the coach.

    Not that this proves anything mind and it would have been very nice to break that record yesterday.

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