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  1. I know, I know and we all regretted allowing them in all season. The lesson has been learned.
  2. There will be exemptions for professional sports so this won't be an issue. However if it did come to pass I imagine SL would just run with ten clubs (not a number I'd approve of normally) rather than let substandard clubs in to dilute the comp.
  3. Agreed, this is a key point a place where the Mercedes team (or one member of it anyway) really did fail over Saturday/Sunday. It gets overlooked a little because he's such a nice guy but Bottas simply wasn't there when his team-mate needed him. In a Mercedes with no technical problems you really shouldn't be messing around qualifying sixth and not making any progress in the race.
  4. Sorry but that's really not the case. Every other team would have done exactly the same. And eight laps younger tyres would have made no difference at the end anyway.
  5. I can't remember how far ahead Hamilton was of Verstappen when they both pitted but with the pace advantage Verstappen would have had on new tyres another seven laps would probably have put Hamilton behind after pitting. That would have been a terrible move.
  6. Like how "he [Masi]'s just p!ssing this thing up" from Vettel is interpreted in the subtitles as "he's just pacing this thing up" as if it was a racing comment.
  7. ex-Western Reds and PSGRL head coach Peter Mulholland.
  8. That's what the leading teams always do - not sure why you think that is odd? If you're ahead you mitigate threats to your position, you certainly don't surrender track position if you don't need to. And yes, the lead-in to this race was dominated by discussions of whether Verstappen would take out Hamilton if he had the chance to. Once Hamilton got ahead at the start, pitting late and putting him back behind again would have been seen as one of the biggest most inept blunders in F1 history.
  9. Nah, stop being silly. Nobody in F1 really thinks this was part of the rules. Of course the FIA had to cover off the appeal with this fig leaf but just listen to the driver and pit lane radio from other teams to remind yourself of what people inside the sport really thought of this decision.
  10. I think it was the right decision to do their pit stop when they did. Agree it put him behind Perez but they weren't so far clear of Verstappen that they had huge choices. They could have left it another lap or so but the very last thing they wanted, even with a pace advantage, was to have to overtake Verstappen again given how aggressive his defence is. So the neutral and easiest option was to box off any threat from that even if the stop was slightly earlier than optimal.
  11. 1. You don't mean the Red Bull owner. 2. He's saying that to lure in gullible people who don't understand F1 tactics. 3. It would have been the biggest tactical blunder I've ever seen in F1 to pit Hamilton. It would have been absurd, madness.
  12. Sorry but what on earth are you talking about? Mercedes' strategy was perfect and any changes to it would have put Hamilton behind Verstappen. The whole point is the race director made a choice that wasn't open to him in the rules. Which even the FAI have now effectively acknowledged.
  13. Can't wait to see the video of this press conference.
  14. Well there's this - https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/featherstone-rovers-set-to-add-super-league-stars-to-their-ranks-46387/ Which is interesting right up until you see the website it was posted on and the source of the report.
  15. He might go on DR but I'd be very surprised if he was sent on loan. He's essentially a first team player already - as mentioned above I'd go so far as to say he is a first 17 player already, but clearly needs carefully managing given his age. His potential is out of this world though and I hope Leeds are working on that contract extension because he will be in huge demand soon if not already.
  16. Gannon will be in over Mellor very quickly this season unless Leeds decide to protect him for a year or so.
  17. Still dances around the issue a bit talking about "misunderstanding" however they could hardly go much further without admitting what is obvious - that by not applying the rules properly the race director determined who won the championship. Anyway here is Suzie Wolff totally not speaking at all for her husband in a statement released an hour before the official Mercedes one withdrawing the appeal.
  18. In terms of on-field success the reason these clubs end up having a big advantage, if they do it properly at least, is that home-grown players are typically less of a salary cap burden than bought-in ones. Particularly during their early years. So the virtuous circle of getting the best kids, feeding into the first team, means you get more bang for your salary cap buck for the rest of the squad so you win from both sides - best kids, better 'outsiders' (and on top of which as long as you remain on top of the cycle you can get a top player to come to you for less than signing for Salford or Wakey say). These things all build up to quite a big advantage that the big three have - and I have to say it's not really clear why Warrington wouldn't similarly benefit nowadays.
  19. Lots and lots of cruise ships have been sent for scrapping over the last 18 months. There's no niceties in the ship breaking business - even behemoth Carnival Cruises can't stop one of their trademark funnels crashing to earth. The ship here is the former Carnival Celebration, seen here in better days.
  20. I was too tired to comment any further but - It just felt like an hour of exposition, mostly the Doctor just constantly explaining stuff. On and on and on it went talking about what was going on. And then the idea that you can just easily get one over the Daleks and Cybermen without them smelling a rat or fighting back... really? Why use two of your major baddies as just easy-to-kill fodder? And, as I've just watched Genesis of the Daleks, are we to believe that this Doctor firstly just committed this amazing mass genocide and then just carried on as if nothing had happened?! And in the end the snake guy and the bald couple were just almost irrelevant and easily dismissed from the conclusion. What was the point? Maybe they'll clear some of this up, particularly the genocide, in the next episodes, as well as the fact that the universe other than Earth appears to have been completely destroyed in the pursuit of this story line. Some timey-wimey stuff will fix it no doubt. I know you have to discount reality for a while to watch Dr Who and with that in mind the first five epiodes were overall quite good. But there always seemed too many loose ends and complicated strands to comfortably tie up and, to me, so it wound up - this conclusion was just an absolute turkey for me.
  21. Technically the FIA. In reality, the teams do have some power because if a large number want something to happen that influence can't be ignored (and particularly if it includes two of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull).
  22. Well i finally watched the season finale. Dear God that was just awful.
  23. But there's every chance the only way there will be the sort of change required is if the appeal is pushed forward and the awkward questions asked.
  24. As I said above there's nothing that can realistically be done as stripping Verstappen of the title now would make even more of a mess. In this incident the problem is that none of Hamilton, Verstappen, Mercedes or Red Bull did anything wrong. Verstappen was put in a position to win and he did and that's not his fault. But for the title to be decided by an incorrect application of basic rules by the race director is absolutely disastrous for the sport's integrity and Mercedes I think will have to settle for Masi being removed from his position - something that almost all the drivers and Team Principals want anyway.
  25. Just following the rules, which Mercedes had based their decision-making around, is all that was required. Just because you don't like Hamilton doesn't mean the integrity of the sport needs destroying. Today has been deeply, deeply damaging for Formula 1.
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