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  1. I half agree. I do think the best option for both clubs, funding structures aside, would be to stay where they are. Both do, I think, have a bit of space to develop on the main stand sides. Unfortunately at both grounds the other three sides have various levels of underinvestment and crumbling concrete. So you'd need to spend money there in some form as well as for the new stand so it still starts mounting up. Plus the older bits will still have relatively high maintenance costs.
  2. Yup otherwise they'd be swimming in cash like every other sporting organisations and local councils. As to the Bulls, they'd be welcome at Headingley and would get bigger crowds than the current tenants.
  3. Who'd have thought there was still an opportunity for someone else to be the biggest crock of **** seen at Headingley this year.
  4. Is it just me or over the last couple of days has the bit when you quote someone and it says the person you're quoting's name disappeared? So you can't see who said what that's being referenced?
  5. Super League the inside story by Mike Colman is a good read.
  6. Firstly referees haven't changed their style, this is some sort of delusion. But if they had, it wouldn't have come from Sky.
  7. Sorry, I was being polite, probably wasn't worth it. Sky buy TV rights, agree major structure changes and pay tens of millions of pounds for it. And they move fixtures to suit their schedules. They don't get involved in rule changes and are not on the phone to Elstone every week demanding he bows to their demands.
  8. I think you've got an rather twisted (and utterly incorrect) view of how much involvement Sky have in the running of the game.
  9. Rugby League requires the referee to make a decision on almost every tackle though - the player on player contact, holding down and offside require constant assessment and monitoring, and on each tackle there's up to 26 players spread 360 degrees around the ref who are looking to gain an advantage which the three officials don't see or don't judge worthy of penalising. It's a huge workload compared to a football referee.
  10. "More Marketing" is a rather more complex idea than some posters would have us believe.
  11. The only time tickets haven't been available on the day for a Leeds home game since 1990 (other than for WCC and ignoring last season) was the 1998 home league game when capacity was limited to 18,000. It just hardly ever happens. I think you are (being charitable) misremembering events - being unable to change ends was a sign of a big crowd but not of a sellout.
  12. Which brings us back to exploiting our facilities all year round not just on gameday.
  13. No you don't. That has literally, and unfortunately, never been a problem in British Rugby League.
  14. Just listen to the reasoning. "The problem we've got is the on field call"; the decision is clear, a try should be given. The on field call should have absolutely no bearing. When will we get rid of this stupid, stupid, deeply flawed system.
  15. Based on what evidence? Or are you just whinging because Leeds are having another cr8p season?
  16. Price elasticity of demand is a fiendishly more complicated topic than the OP's post. I suspect Rugby League has pretty inelastic demand, ie you can bump up or down the prices within reason and the crowd movement won't be proportionate. What seems to annoy fans most is the increase on the previously established price.
  17. He was fine last night. Hicks with the knock on/not knock on try was arguably the most contentious call. Kendall did referee slightly backward to normal by letting almost everything go early on, then in the second half giving both sides a couple of softer holding down penalties. But overall a good performance.
  18. Good. When Leeds stick 50 on them it will show who the real champion team in this comp is. Just need to scrape into the top 5 and create havoc and panic, just like the good old days
  19. Top 5. League leaders is a decent achievement but giving it the title of champions doesn't really reflect our history as a sport - moreover winning the Grand Final shows if a team can display champion qualities when everything is on the line. As Cas showed a couple of years ago, they didn't have the qualities they needed to have.
  20. Best "how I met my wife" story ever. Thread.
  21. Yes would think they are collectors items Here's a phone pic of one which I grabbed back in 2013. Will see if I can find out what happened to them.
  22. Well I can confirm that the breakeven point for rain hitting people in the north stand is about 12 rows back.
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