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  1. Was thinking more Laurie Nichols. Either way, not a great look.
  2. Special rule for Thomas Leuluai. Wigan Warriors overseas quota explained as Tommy Leuluai given exemption
  3. Quite frankly I can't see why anyone would get off at Headingley station rather than Burley Park if going to the ground but perhaps it's just me.
  4. Why on earth would parking be a problem for Headingley for this event with maybe 10,000 there spread over a day than it is with a full house for Leeds or, more comparable, a full house for the cricket?
  5. Well the other good thing about Headingley is you don't need to leave the ground to go to a variety of bars. It's the only stadium open to us designed specifically to accommodate crowds at day-long events.
  6. More likely Mathers, McGuire, Burrow, Diskin, Sinfield but yes I don't think my club certainly has had that other than during that period.
  7. The way he used to wave at the South Stand at Leeds was incredibly aggravating to a younger me so I'm glad that he mentions it! Just had a quick look at youtube to see if it's been documented anywhere amongst the vintage games but can't find one. He'd run out from the dressing rooms in the North East Corner, all the way to the centre of the field and then do this little trot from there to the South Stand touchline and back with the ball, raising the ball up and waving it at the fans as he went. Talk about winding the crowd up! I would say we could do with more stuff like that today although the RFL referee dept would have a fit I think.
  8. Yes, I usually attend neutral games at the stadium.
  9. Whilst I'm sure they'll be fine in the long run they have lost more £££ compared to 'normal' than any other RL club over the pandemic so it will definitely be welcome.
  10. Whilst I firmly believe that many of the NRL's troubles compared to AFL are of its own making due to poor strategy, self-interest and short-sightedness, it is certainly very true that the AFL and its players get away with massively less scrutiny in comparison. The Adam Goodes and Collingwood racism scandals make Yorkshire CCC look like a liberal bastion whilst if the bullying and harassment which happened at AFL House had occurred at Rugby League Central the administration of the sport in Australia would have been utterly crippled. Notably I'm not aware of any AFL sponsors moving to distance themselves from that sport over any of this. All that said, the problem the NRL has is that the drip-drip, seemingly every other weekend of players just being absolute douchebags has taken its toll. For good or ill, the AFL has never had quite that level of repeated problem, even if its scandals are individually more grotesque.
  11. Ominously still nothing official that I've seen from the NRL or ARL. But their recently subservient colleagues across the Tasman have piped up at least.
  12. This needs to be a commercial event. The fact is that the largest crowds and the best returns for all the clubs are likely to be achieved at Headingley.
  13. It would be a lot more reassuring if there had been any comment or tweet or news story from the NZRL, NRL, ARL or Kangaroos. Instead, across all their media channels today, absolute silence.
  14. Britain's longest scheduled train, all 16 coaches of it.
  15. Oh God, come on people we were talking about the quality of stadia and all you're doing is backing up the point by talking instead about the atmosphere created by the people in the stadia. It's like you're so desperate to defend the honour of your club and some mythical belief that you create the bestest, most awesome atmos ever, that you won't engage rationally. Painful.
  16. I fear your apparent emotional investment in the event is blinding you to the reality of the place which is holding it. That's unfortunate.
  17. They got turned down for planning permission for such a move didn't they, albeit some time ago.
  18. When combined with Packer there can't be many sports clubs in the world with wealthier backers. Whether you like what's changed or not it's a long way from George Piggins keeping it together with chook raffles.
  19. I really like the detailing in this class 33 video.
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