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  1. Is it embarrassment at the chaotic way Lenagan has run Wigan that causes you to lash out at more successful club bosses in this way?
  2. They might find more success in the less brutal Super League but they would be a risk - and that's not something Leeds are in a position to take right now. I'm sure some longstanding Leeds fans of a nostalgic bent would welcome the chance to boo Ben Walker again though.
  3. Lindsay and Hetherington are the only CEOs I can think of that multiple top coaches have trusted to spot and sign good players. No idea where Lindsay picked that up from. Hetherington obviously is a former top flight head coach himself.
  4. Yes lots of opposition fans seem to think that. Perhaps his being right on every major Rugby League issue for the past three decades is starting to grate.
  5. It's a very open, very interesting, very revealing discussion. Sorry if it doesn't hit a couple of bingo words for you in the first half minute. But you're unlikely to see anything like it from any other departing head coach and his boss.
  6. I suggest you watch more than the first 30 seconds.
  7. Because it's still a bigger job. Let's hope for all parties it doesn't come to that.
  8. The Chuckle Brothers reincarnated.
  9. Ward, Flanagan, Watson, (T Smith)- fine Carr, Monaghan - would consider their cv's but would need convincing Wane - gut says no but would definitely talk to him if he expressed an interest (which is probably unlikely). Hope he's grown more ability to function outside Wigan than he showed in his Leeds playing career McNamara - absolutely not McGuire - no, not now
  10. Isn't his off field baggage an issue? That's always been the rumour anyway and his social media stuff supports it. A player who is available because no one else would sign him isn't a great look for Cas.
  11. Is there a difference between the time allowed for a penalty kick and the minute allowed for a conversion? That Hull one was a penalty and at the time I thought it must be different between the two.
  12. Sunday is Hetherington's preferred day to sack coaches so keep an eye out for developments today.
  13. Tony Smith would be the dream. I know people say never go back but even if he didn't win anything he'd instill stuff into the younger players which would be invaluable going forward. I think he'd take the job too. Sorry HKR fans.
  14. Let's see: you suggest he's always sulking. Challenged on this assertion you demand the people challenging provide evidence (that he's not always sulking?!) That's not really how it works old sport.
  15. This I agree with a lot more. Hamilton has mellowed a lot over the years. Winning and getting older no doubt help on that front. I'd love to see examples of him "sulking" in recent years.
  16. No issues with where they come from or what they've done generally. But I'd never be able to reconcile to having McNamara as coach. All those years watching him with England have left scars that cannot heal. Anyone else in the world would be preferable: Dean Lance, David Furner, Malcolm Clift I'd let all of them have it over him.
  17. I think I'd feel sick if Mcnamara became Leeds coach. Apart from that all good suggestions, the budget will be there to bring in someone good if they are available.
  18. For some reason you are seeing things which don't exist. How strange.
  19. Danny Ward would no doubt be on a shortlist, assuming he doesn't still bear a grudge for the time he was frogmarched out of Headingley during his playing career.
  20. You could argue it really kicked in that time Sinfield became interim head coach.
  21. Serious About RL is just awful isn't it.
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