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  1. Actor Mark Blum, from coronavirus. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mark-blum-dead-stage-veteran-actor-crocodile-dundee-dies-coronavirus-complciations-at-69-1286823
  2. Interesting words to stress. But a couple of things we know already: When people who are experts in stuff say one thing and bar room bores say another, we should probably upweight the views of the experts when deciding what to do Pandemics are super time-critical We can find money for life and death stuff - we just need to want to do it. We can house the homeless, we can relieve the financial pain of those out of work, we can help small businesses get access to supported credit, we can nationalise the railways and surge fund the NHS. All these things it turns out we can do if we believe they are worth doing. In this crisis the unethical actions of some companies and the evident power of the government to do good should be grouped together in a re-appraisal of how our country works and who it works for. Our NHS is underfunded.
  3. If they haven't been tested how can you possibly include them in the figures as you don't know for sure what they died of (unless there is a post-mortem which can identify it?)
  4. Clearly sartorial elegance in the commentary box didn't begin with Phil Clarke who hasn't, yet gone for the bow tie option. But the action on the field is pretty good too and check out SCummings, first man into every fight, of which there are several.
  5. A lot of what you post is explained by the implication that you read the Daily Mail. It's true there's no cure for stupid but stopping reading that would mitigate a lot of your symptoms.
  6. I think this counts as "bad publicity". Although I have sympathies with anyone in retail trying to survive in what was already a terrible environment you have to take some steps to protect your employees and customers - at the very least appreciate you'll need them later on.
  7. When something is mitigated through the actions of scientists and experts and with lots of money being spent it doesn't mean it didn't happen and the threat wasn't real. It means people who were in charge and knew what they were doing applied their minds to it. That's what happened to swine flu, ebola, the millenium bug, the ozone layer - we prevented bad things happening. Unfortunately this is a much more slippery enemy, and too many of the world's political leaders are unsuited to the matter at hand.
  8. Seriously, this is just not clear enough. The sector I work in is covered as follows: Now we're a general retailer but about 25% of our sales are food & drink (no 100% fresh meat/veg stuff but we stock a decent range of essentials (plus loo roll when we can get some)). And in some small towns where we stock the broadest range we're the only store of any note in town. We have about 4,000-odd employees but we can't work out if this categorisation should cover them or if it's specifically intended to be big supermarkets only.
  9. The amount of loo roll being thrown around there - like burning £10 notes.
  10. You're blaming the media for reporting leaks that come from the top of British government - that's where the herd immunity stuff came from. Don't shoot the messenger, it was put out there and now they're trying to get control of the narrative after it came across so badly. They can't or won't or wouldn't be straight with the public and would have been better off saying nothing rather than some trying to get messages across via their preferred medium of the leak.
  11. You still clinging to your previous assertion that it's all a media construct?
  12. I hate to say and I mean this generally not specifically to your family but perhaps a culling of the morons from our society would be a sliver of silver lining. Unfortunately you can't target it with such precision and they'll just infect people who do take precautions.
  13. Do you have the first clue as to how China and South Korea got the virus under control? Or are you just a bloviating bar room bore who thinks he knows better about every single subject because experts aren't to be trusted?
  14. Britain's finest were doing us proud beforehand.
  15. Countries around the world are in lockdown and it's the MEDIA who are exacerbating things. Do you even think before you type the same old stuff over and over?
  16. Jet2 flights to Spain turning around.
  17. Quick update - the Leeds programme was 80 pages for the opening double header but has reverted to 64 pages for the subsequent games. Interestingly at the Warrington game, adjacent to the programme stand at the Kirkstall Lane entrance were boxes of surplus programmes for both the double header and Hull KR games marked 'FREE' - they were just giving them away rather than pulping or trying to sell them. I picked up a new copy of the double header one as I'd managed to somewhat mangle my original copy.
  18. If the government foresees a time when that will be necessary they should do it now rather than delay. Rather than come out with the absolute bull**** deflection they did about Italy taking populist action.
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