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  1. I think he'll be OK with just the pint I think a good rogering is being far too generous imo
  2. My condolences RB
  3. We do try, but you keep coming back...
  4. It has to be between Gibsonl and Walmsley for the best local lad to pull on a shirt..
  5. Its Nonsense, and why can't we merge with the Rhinos and become the Batley Horny Dogs?
  6. No chance! Social distancing will prohibit live sport until a suitable vaccine has been administered to the majority. We could be lucky to see next season start on schedule!
  7. Said it before, no Championship RL until a vaccine is available roll on 2021
  8. There was a great atmosphere at this game under the shed in the long stand choc full of Batley fans
  9. Well it paid off for Batley...
  10. Social distancing will remain until a vaccine is available and approx. 40 million have been inoculated. This is unlikely to be before end of October. SL games behind closed doors will be on TV from end July, you can forget any at our level
  11. Clear favourites! You've obviously not been watching sport very long Tranquilizer, I remember being clear favourites at Blackpool for a number of years and getting beat. I also remember if it weren't for the points we gifted you, down you'd have gone!
  12. How'd you come to that Roger?
  13. You seriously can't have Alex Brown in this thread, just go back and watch some of his runs, tries etc. OK he wasn't quite good enough at SL but he got a shot at it... something many of our better players never got!! And he won us the only trophy in the modern era. I'd have him in our top five wingers since 2000
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