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  1. What like playing at Leeds lol
  2. Another 30 something out for an easy ride at the basement end of the championship
  3. Our last 3 fixtures are no walk on the park..
  4. Nice to see Jouffret still in a bulldog shirt
  5. When are the league fixtures out?
  6. The more BISSA get the better/more players we get as this goes only to player recruitment. With Xmas, Black Friday on the horizon, get on Easy funding.com and see if we can smash £3k Donations are also greatly recieved I understand
  7. Should av been a boxer with a name like that..
  8. No, probably to a decent team like Swinton
  9. The same was asked of MC involvement at York... Maybe it's a Mark thing, and you need to get yourselves a Kevin in charge?
  10. Q - Is 24.99% of bulls is a bigger commitment than 100% of Dewsbury? A -
  11. They've renamed it "sodal"
  12. Welcome to the "I've been patronised by BSJ club" CF or as I like to call it PFaF, we hope to sponsor our own player next season..
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