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  1. I've been asked by Mark to create and pin a thread dedicated to all off season signings. Mark... over to you!
  2. As long as the councillors and the Mayor are in safe seats, nothing will ever change!
  3. Already a thread on this http://www.totalrl.c...9-new-signings/
  4. Lately, mainly over the last few months there seems to be a bit of abuse to other members on this forum who don't have the same views as you. Banter is one thing, but on a number of threads in recent times it has gone a bit too far. It's not nice to read this and it's not nice that other members have to go through arguments just to find posts actually about the topic at hand. If you disagree with a members post, please reply constructively. So just a quick message asking to leave it off this forum. From now on, if there is anymore of this, posts will be deleted and maybe warnings and/or suspensions dished out. Thanks, PaulT
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