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  1. Theres a gang of rugby lads from ackworth in tweed jackets and old style flat caps . should be interesting!!!!!. Don,t know if they are bringing any whippets(are they aloud on the buses?), but i know they will shout loud and proud for the lads plus drink a few pints come on rovers ROVERS ROVERS
  2. Here ,Here Come on rovers you can do it. ROVERS ROVERS
  3. i have heard lots of fev fans have bought tickets for the west stand, wondered if this was true.Roll on sunday. ROVERS ROVERS
  4. Looks like the weathers not going to be wet,15 degrees sunny.But it may be wet on Mr lowfields bus. ROVERS ROVERS
  5. I can understand where you are coming from but with the club changing supplier it would have been a big gamble to keep old stock. ROVERS ROVERS
  6. Mr prout can you confirm how many buses have been filled . roll on the 26th. ROVERS ROVERS
  7. i,m in the same boat as i work shifts but you can miss, i think 3 games and you still break even.plus great not having to sort cash for the home games. ROVERS ROVERS
  8. I,ve never been able to do that 2 drinks and i,m anybodies,well except the wife anuff said ROVERS ROVERS
  9. Great u lads going to support the team but was talking in the club house and the wires staff run a zero tolerance on being too drunk, so take it steady and we will cheer the lads to victory. ROVERS ROVERS and the game kicks off 5.30pm
  10. thanks, and what a great picture done by mick. ROVERS ROVERS
  11. talking to workmate he said there was 3 buses going from the travs in fev.Come on rovers ROVERS ROVERS
  12. You are probably right but who cares the more the merry ROVERS ROVERS
  13. I,ve got a feeling there could be 4000 to 4500 fev roaring the lads on,on the 26th ROVER ROVERS -_-
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