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Uninteresting Trivial Facts

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After having 2 months off im back at college tommorow. Its back to going out on a Wednesday night and turning up at college or placement with a banging headache good times ahead!!! Hopefully though seen as though its my final year I should be a qualified nursery nurse this time next year.

I don

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Where 'bouts?

In Fallowfield, but quite close to Withington. Was wanting to get a bit further down Didsbury way now I'm going into postgrad and my housemates will be working, but the house has just totally been done out from head to toe and is looking pretty nifty, so decided to go for it. Plus no deposit to pay!

Just think give it another 6 months and for

SQL Honours

Play off mini league winner - 2002. Bronze Medalist - 2003. Big Split Group Winner - 2006. Minor Stupidship - 2005, 2006. Cup Silver Medalist - 2008, 2009

CHAMPION - 2005, 2009, 2010

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Its been a bad day :(

The blood taking has left the most almighty bruise on my arm. Then to top it off I have had a disaster with a hair colourant :ph34r:

Ah well, my 13 year old cousin told me the "pixie" look is back in! :unsure:

(pray my hair grows quick :blush: )

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For the third week in a row I'm packing to head straight off for the weekend once I finish work.

I'm also worried that I'm about to be tempted into doing something stupid. There are three marathons I want to do next spring, quite close together. Hmm...

I'm not round here much, but I still watch rugby and get drunk...

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A quick count has revealed I have 4 litres of Jack Daniels in my kitchen.

Even as a Wire I am sorry but Westwood is nowhere near as skillful as Super Sam or Ellis.
Wazza's main industrys are service industries, call centres, warehouses and the public sector nowadays. All three are under threat from the Tory cuts.
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