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What Are You Listening To - The Reckoning

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6 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Anybody remember a 70's band called " Any Trouble " ? I always thought " Girls Are Always Right " was a hit that got away.



Nothing like bringing back the reminders of Stiff Records!

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Today I was listening to the first Specials album. Never disappoints ?  

For the saddest of reasons. But that groove was pretty funky, even if the song was a bit of comedy fluff. So long, Tim.  

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5 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

The photo for " The Searchers " is actually of Tony Jackson and his band The Vibrations.

I blame Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, Keith Joseph and Gadafi Duck but I may also want to thank them all in my acceptance speech of any future awards. In the meantime though .....





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12 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Just watching " Eight a Days A Week " on Channel 4. If there was a better live band than " The Beatles " I never saw them.

Brilliantly edited and directed by Ron Howard. A fine piece of storytelling. I liked the way he made still photographs 'move' by using tricks like adding 'live' smoke coming from people's cigarettes.

The Beatles in terms of live performance paid their dues, and it was interesting to see how all the contributory factors that made them what they became slot into place. It's an often told story, but superbly told by Howard. Epstein sees them, Pete Best replaced by Ringo, George Martin seeing something in them, and the rest becoming history. For once I found myself not cringing when Paul McCartney was talking. They were a far better rocking band than they were given credit for.

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