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Catalans sign yet another over rated Australian?

What happened to them bringing through their own coaches, blah, blah, ###### blah.


Just like the rest of SL I guess.

Let's just see who Saints, Huddersfield etc appoint for next season, although I'm not holding my breath in eager anticipation.

Quick fixes all round.

Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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Its of little use carping on about the lack of English or British? Coaches in S/L. When there are a mere 33% of the current sides being coached by our own Nationals.

The best performing of those being one Alan Agar at Hull presently!

The others Kear Noble and McNamara are at best, considered by most fans to be in the category : mediocre thats probably being kind.

Paradoxically, Agar is possibly looked upon as being the least proficient of the bunch.

You simply cannot blame the S/L clubs for chasing a S/Hemi coach as the ones home bred are simply proven all too often, not good enough.

Wigan and McGuire being possibly the clearest example of what can be achieved by their teams on the field of play, when an efficient and competent Aussie or Kiwi coach is installed.

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