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Best cover versions

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Check out this version of California Dreamin' by the first lady of British jazz, Clare Teal.



Clare is an excellent Jazz singer, and a Yorkshire lass to boot, but does far too much Dinner Jazz, bordering on Musak, for my liking. This cover of California Dreamin' is a good measure of the original interpretations she could do if she stopped trying to be Ella Fitzgerald.

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the disturbed, the sound of silence, a brilliant version stick with it to the end it just gets better

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Starbird, Manfred Mann Earth Band. Cover of part of Stravinski's Firebird ballet suite.

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One of my favourite cover versions is Walk On By by the Stranglers.



I used to set a music quiz in my local a few years back. One night I told the gathered participants that I was going to play two versions of the same song and wanted to know who the artists were. I hinted that they might find it difficult as both versions were very similar. I then played about a minute of Dionne Warwick's version followed by about a minute of the Stranglers' cover.

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"When I saw the Pistols and The Clash I realised it didn't seem that difficult, they didn't seem like they could play very well either, so the thing was to form a band then work it out. We didn't even know who was going to play what - we passed around all the instruments until we found what we were comfortable with. I wasn't comfortable with any of them so I became the singer."

                                                                   Terry Hall on forming The Specials.

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I was listening to Melanie's version of Ruby Tuesday last night, better than the original IMO.  Also the Beatles version of "Words of Love" is IMO superior to the Buddy Holly original.  Worst cover version I've ever heard is the Carpenters' version of Please Mr Postman.  Sung pat, and totally without the passion both the Beatles and the Marvelettes put into it.

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