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Is this the last chance Saloon

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Having lost to (no disrespect to HKR,Widnes and possibly the worst Saints team in the SL era)could this be the last chance with this current squad to break their duck.The older players Hodgson,Briers,MM,Morley,Higham,Carvell etc seem to be coming to the end of their playing careers and when some have been injured this year their replacements just don't seem to be able to step up to the mark.With the quality of overseas players seriously dropping maybe Simon Moran will have to get the chequebook out to reinvigorate the squad

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Tony smith realises the age-profile of his squad and the fact that the season depends on winning three games ... the Grand Final, the CC Semi-final and the CC Final. That's why he rotates his squad.

Within the squad, the only position Warrington haven't got fully covered (in my opinion) is loose forward. That's why they tried to sign John Bateman last season.

After this season, out-of-contract players will be released and new ones will come in for the same wage-outlay. the days of big-money transfers have long-gone.

Where Tony Smith and Simon Moran (plus every other club) will have to be smart is in tapping up players whose contracts expire this season.

I think the Bulls will do well to hang on to Jamie Foster for this very reason.

Under Scrutiny by the Right-On Thought Police

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