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Kenny delight at Wigan success

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BRETT KENNY has expressed his delight in seeing a former teammate lead the Warriors to Challenge Cup success.

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Is League Express available on line today? Can't find it in the App Store, but I am new to this, so might be my incompetence.


It's there now.



Annoying technical problems on the system last night prevented me from publishing it overnight as we usually try to do.


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It's ok, far from a classic edition.

It has the obligatory Schofield "I would have done better than what I was given free tickets to sit through on my way to 10 consecutive Golden Boots" comedy self parody moment of course.

And it has as much doom and gloom moaning as this board, though you have to pay for Sadler's d and g. :)

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It's ok, far from a classic edition.


Admit it, you're just hacked off 'cause you thought the thread was about Kenny Tiger' being happy that Wigan won so you came on looking for a fight.

Sky Sports Jenna Brooks to Jake Connor regarding England selection : "Shaun Wane has said that he's spoken to you about why you were left out, he's also said he's told you what you needed to do more of, I'm interested, what do you need to do more of and did you do it tonight?"

Jake Connor : "I don't know, to be honest I haven't spoken to him."

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