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Wood Carved Pictures

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Ive been struggling with a mental health problem which was brought on from a serious gambling problem I had for a couple of years. Ultimately it cost me my wife and children and I had hit rock bottom. I realised I had to change, and through various groups im gambling free at the moment and I hope to stay that way. Part of my recovery was to try find something to fill the spare time I would normally have used when gambling. I was given a set of wood carving tools and thought id ggive them a go. Ive found it very theraputic and it helps a lot, so I have incorparated it with my love for rugby league and started doing some novelty rugby league wood carving pictures. Ive added a few below. My hope is to sell these and donate the funds to a mental health charity. The pictures Ive added below are just ones to show but if anyone is interested I will carve simular ones with your own team colours or any of choice. I can also add any personal message ( For example Amy’s Bedroom). Or if you would like to chose a theme yourself I will be happy to accomadate. The pictures are all hand carved then coloured, and are slighly smaller than an A4 sheet of paper in size. I would be looking to sell at £6 each and that would include  P@P. If anyone is interested please contact me by private message on hear or you can text me on 07950907846. Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.


P.S Ive also added some non rugby league ones to show examples. And also some that are not coloured incase you prefered the wood effectpost-1102-0-86103300-1449158602_thumb.jpgpost-1102-0-33076600-1449158617_thumb.jpg



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