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The Eagles have Landed


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You should hammer them, last time I saw them they looked like one of the worst teams we have played at this level. No team spirit what so ever and very, very soft. I cant see what can have changed and I would be amazed if they avoided relegation.

You said it would be a walk in the park against Sheffield!

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Looking more like I should have said Eagles AND Rovers are doomed however if the chairman walks away then hopefully some new blood might take the club forward instead of treading water. If Eagles can survive then rovers certainly can for christs sake most clubs can only dream of a stadium like Fev.

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Who is waiting to picks up the reins tel?

Cos taking on a rl involved sh it loads of work.... sh it loads of money that is unlikely to ever be repaid and loads of ar se ache...

DelBert at leigh is a classic example..

Sheffield survived through corporate

sponsorship at the dvs and a sponsor chucking a lot into the club that has now backed off.

I don't see an orderly queue of folks turning up with a massive wad to throw at fev anytime soon. And there is one of the problems. There may be others.

"I love our club, absolutely love it". (Overton, M 2007)

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Well my original post 3 months ago namely "THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED

Never did like the Eagles except when John Kear helped them win the challenge cup at a time when we had something like a fair rugby system obviously the elitism brigade have put pay to that.

Unless someone with some brass turns up they are pretty much doomed and several decent players will become available when they drop back to part time.

SINCE THEN the current position seems to be sheffield city council may be providing a rescue for the eagles albeit if it comes about it creates a terrible precedent for others to follow i.e. Bio Mass Plant will be built in Sheffield and the eagles will be saved incorporating a new ground but only if this new buisiness gets planning approval if not bye bye eagles rescue plan. Stinks in my book and leaves the door wide open to lets not go there whatever happened to the old backhanders to get your way.

Im 100% behind anyone supporting rugby league barring the nutjobs we have but in my book this should not be happening by all means bail out the eagles but not subject to a personal businessmans planning approval what next we will build sheffield a new state of the art greyhound stadium but only if we can have planning permission for a nuclear power plant.

You have to give credit to tubby he never gives in and persistence may win the day.

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