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Marwan Koukash: believes he has failed Salford Red Devils

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Interesting article here :


The Kuwait-born businessman and racehorse owner bought Salford in 2013 when they were in financial trouble.

Despite a huge investment in the playing squad, the Red Devils have not finished higher than 10th, and are 11th this season after a points deduction for breaching the salary cap.

"I think I've failed miserably," the 57-year-old told Rugby League Extra.

"I've not advanced the club as much as I would have liked, although we have a better team than we did in 2014.

"One of my main goals of the time was to grow the club, and that means commercially and the fans coming to the ground, now attendances this year are almost half of what they were when I came in."



Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash has admitted his time in charge of the club has been a failure.



What do think as a Salford fan, and what advice would you give him to help grow the Club ?

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You saved the club. You must care about the club. The relatively few out of the huge population of Salford that actually follow the club are some of the most passionate Rugby League fans you will ever meet. They love you for saving the club but they can't promise the fan base will grow because its just not a Rugby League area, and also, many people in this area are out of work and can't afford to go even if they wanted to. Nobody wants you to "bail out" but I don't think any would blame you if you did. Anybody who puts money into a Rugby League club is not investing (Not even Wigan), they are supporting a very expensive but very enjoyable hobby. If you can afford it Marwan, and if you enjoy it stay on for the ride. I'm not even a regular fan these days because I don't like Super League anyhow but I want my home town Rugby League club to prosper and I think you know that dream will die if you move on.

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