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I see that NZ are kicking up a fuss about having to play on a rough outpost of the Rugby League. I'm a bit sick of games being taken away from RL areas. I realise that the game has hopes of countrywide expansion, and that taking matches to say Coventry, where they now gave a championship side, is a great effort in that expansion, but unfortunately innumerable efforts gave fizzled out amd oroved a wasre of time and effort.Established clubs who have been there since Noah was a lad and who have put time and effort into presentable facilities etc are getting kicked in the teeth for that effort. Why aren't round matches in World Cups etc passed around some smaller clubs? Better a crowd of say 3 or 4 thousand in Mount Pleasant for example than that crowd being lost in Elland Road or John Smith's. More power to Workington I say, and to NZ I would say that you have to beat what's in front of you and class should overcome long grass. Why shouldn't Cumbria fans have a chance to see the world's best in their own back yard for a while?

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