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Bradford Northern Forever

Bradford Northern programmes required

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Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has any of the following programmes for sale, and also help with some of the postponed games if a programme was issued. Many thanks.

BARROW          V          BRADFORD      04/04/1946       

BATLEY            V          BRADFORD      03/01/1948

BATLEY          V            BRADFORD      06/08/1978        FRIENDLY                                               

BRADFORD      V          BARROW          10/11/1945       

BRADFORD      V          BARROW           03/01/1970       POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          BATLEY            01/02/1947        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          BATLEY            11/06/1947       

BRADFORD      V          BATLEY            18/10/1947           

BRADFORD      V          BLACKPOOL    02/12/1973        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          BRAMLEY        09/11/1946       

BRADFORD      V          BRAMLEY        25/01/1958        POSTPONED            

BRADFORD      V          CASTLEFORD  22/09/1945        

BRADFORD      V          CASTLEFORD  31/03/1951       

BRADFORD      V          CASTLEFORD  12/03/1955       

BRADFORD      V          CASTLEFORD  22/10/1955       

BRADFORD      V          CASTLEFORD  17/01/1959        POSTPONED   

BRADFORD      V          DEWSBURY     22/03/1948       

BRADFORD      V          DEWSBURY     23/08/1950           

BRADFORD      V          DONCASTER    02/01/1971        POSTPONED   

BRADFORD      V         DONCASTER    12/08/1978         JOE PHILLIPS 

BRADFORD      V          DONCASTER    10/08/1980        JOE PHILLIPS   

BRADFORD      V          FEATHERSTONE          21/12/1946        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          FEATHERSTONE          10/09/1951        YORKS CUP 1 ( 2nd LEG) 

BRADFORD      V          HALIFAX                        10/04/1946     

BRADFORD      V          HUDDERSFIELD           28/12/1956        POSTPONED 

BRADFORD      V          HUDDERSFIELD           21/01/1973        POSTPONED 

BRADFORD      V          HUDDERSFIELD           04/01/1976        POSTPONED  

BRADFORD      V          HULL    15/12/1945       

BRADFORD      V          HULL    09/02/1946        CHALLENGE CUP 1 (1st LEG )

BRADFORD      V          HULL    04/12/1965        POSTPONED  

BRADFORD      V          HULL K R          20/04/1946       

BRADFORD      V          HULL K R          20/03/1948           

BRADFORD      V          HUNSLET         17/10/1945        YORKSHIRE CUP 2

BRADFORD      V          HUNSLET         29/12/1945       

BRADFORD      V          HUNSLET         24/05/1947       

BRADFORD      V          HUNSLET         30/08/1947       

BRADFORD      V          HUNSLET         26/03/1951           

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        01/01/1946       

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        14/08/1948        LAZENBY CUP

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        26/12/1950        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        08/08/1951        LAZENBY CUP

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        25/12/1954

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        26/12/1956        POSTPONED   

BRADFORD      V          KEIGHLEY        29/11/1958        POSTPONED  

BRADFORD      V          SALFORD         18/01/1947       

BRADFORD      V          SALFORD         12/03/1947        CHALLENGE CUP 1  (  2nd LEG ) 

BRADFORD      V          ST HELENS      07/01/1973        POSTPONED 
BRADFORD      V          ST HELENS      15/01/1978        POSTPONED                        

BRADFORD      V          WAKEFIELD     10/02/1968        POSTPONED  

BRADFORD      V          WARRINGTON  06/12/1947

BRADFORD      V          WIDNES           04/12/1954   

BRADFORD      V          WIGAN 28/11/1951        CANCELLED GAME  

BRADFORD      V          YORK   07/06/1947       

BRADFORD      V          YORK   08/12/1951        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          YORK   14/11/1953       

BRADFORD      V          YORK   24/12/1955        POSTPONED

BRADFORD      V          YORK   30/12/1961        POSTPONED   

BRADFORD      V          YORK   24/04/1962                         

BRAMLEY        V          BRADFORD      27/04/1946       

BRAMLEY        V          BRADFORD      12/10/1946       

BRAMLEY        V          BRADFORD      26/12/1948       

BRAMLEY        V          BRADFORD      30/03/1951       

BRAMLEY        V          BRADFORD      25/12/1959                                                  

CARCARSSONE           V          BRADFORD      16/05/1948        FRENCH TOUR                                               

CARDIFF          V          BRADFORD      22/09/1951                                                  

CASTLEFORD       V          BRADFORD      05/01/1946

CASTLEFORD       V          BRADFORD      13/11/1948       

CASTLEFORD       V          BRADFORD      28/08/1950       

CASTLEFORD       V          BRADFORD      23/02/1952       

CASTLEFORD      V          BRADFORD      16/01/1954       

CASTLEFORD      V          BRADFORD      18/08/1954       

CASTLEFORD      V          BRADFORD      11/09/1954        YORKS CUP 1                                               

DEWSBURY     V          BRADFORD      27/01/1951       

DEWSBURY     V          BRADFORD      27/10/1951       

DEWSBURY     V          BRADFORD      20/03/1954       

DEWSBURY     V          BRADFORD      04/09/1954                                                   

DONCASTER    V          BRADFORD      27/09/1952                                                 

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      17/11/1945       

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      16/11/1946       

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      31/01/1948       

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      03/02/1951       

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      01/09/1951        YORKS CUP 1 (1st LEG ) 

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      12/09/1951        YORKS CUP 1 REP AT WAKEFIELD

FEATHERSTONE          V          BRADFORD      13/08/1995        FRIENDLY T/S                                                           

HALIFAX           V          BRADFORD      21/04/1951       

HALIFAX           V          BRADFORD      30/01/1954        POSTPONED

HALIFAX           V          BRADFORD      17/12/1972        POSTPONED  


HULL    V          BRADFORD      24/11/1945       

HULL    V          BRADFORD      16/02/1946        CHALLENGE CUP 1 (2nd LEG )

HULL    V          BRADFORD      31/12/1949   

HULL  KR          V          BRADFORD   BULLS   5/2/2017                                             

HUNSLET         V          BRADFORD      05/04/1947

HUNSLET         V          BRADFORD      28/04/1951       

HUNSLET         V          BRADFORD      09/10/1954                                                  

KEIGHLEY        V          BRADFORD      25/12/1946       

KEIGHLEY        V          BRADFORD      27/12/1954

KEIGHLEY        V          BRADFORD      25/12/1956        POSTPONED                                               

LEEDS              V          BRADFORD      15/09/1945                                                  

LEIGH               V          BRADFORD      21/10/1953        FRIENDLY

LEIGH               V          BRADFORD      07/03/1956                                                

LIVERPOOL      V          BRADFORD      12/04/1951                                                

OLDHAM          V          BRADFORD      01/09/1945 

ROCHDALE      V          BRADFORD      06/02/1954       CHALLENGE CUP 1  (  1st LEG )                       

SALFORD         V          BRADFORD      28/12/1946       

SALFORD         V          BRADFORD      22/02/1947        CHALLENGE CUP 1  (  1st LEG )

SALFORD         V          BRADFORD      05/01/1986        POSTPONED                                               

SWINTON         V          BRADFORD      03/12/1949       

SWINTON         V          BRADFORD      01/10/1955                                                   

TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE          V          BRADFORD      15/05/1948        FRENCH TOUR                                               

WAKEFIELD     V          BRADFORD      03/11/1945        YORKSHIRE CUP FINAL (HALIFAX)

WAKEFIELD     V          BRADFORD      10/05/1947       

WAKEFIELD     V          BRADFORD      23/01/1965        POSTPONED                                                  

WARRINGTON  V          BRADFORD      25/08/1945        FRIENDLY

WARRINGTON  V          BRADFORD      28/03/1951       

WARRINGTON  V          BRADFORD      10/01/1959        POSTPONED                                                                                                  

YORK   V          BRADFORD      21/04/1948       

YORK   V          BRADFORD      22/01/1949       

YORK   V          BRADFORD      10/09/1949        YORKSHIRE CUP 1     ( 1st LEG )

YORK   V          BRADFORD      27/08/1952       

YORK   V          BRADFORD      03/04/1954

YORK   V          BRADFORD      18/02/1956        POSTPONED   

YORK   V          BRADFORD      08/12/1956        

YORK   V          BRADFORD      15/01/1966        POSTPONED   


Edited by Bradford Northern Forever

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6 hours ago, Bradford Northern Forever said:

Hi Bantam Steve, I still require most of the programmes on the list if you can help me out in any way.


Many thanks.

Bradford Northern Forever

Sent you a PM


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