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Please help Swinton Lions urgently

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Hi Red Devils fans,

You'll know who we are - we're the club that gave Ian Watson his break in coaching, the club that donated our share of a friendly gate back to the Reds pre-Marwan, Your real local rivals.

We're about to go under unless we raise £35,000 by the end of next week

We can move forward with more fan involvement/ownership, but only if we can deal with the existing debt...and quickly.

Here's the link to our crowdfunding page

Please help us to save our club

Many thanks for your generosity and support.

If you're at a loose end next Sunday (16th July), why not come along to Heywood Road, Sale for our match against Dewsbury - ko 3pm

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Our old 'friends' in the neighbourhood, please spare a bob or two for your old local rivals, Swinton RLFC. Only about 3 years ago when your club was in deep ###### we happily had a whip round for you. Now's the time to repay the favour please and throw what you can into the hat and/or come slumming next Sunday (16 July) afternoon and watch the Lions play Dewsbury (KO 3.00pm) at Heywood Road, Sale (M33 3WB), the home of the REAL Sale rugby union club, i.e. Sale FC. We'll even let you wear your own red tops.

Well, see you folks there in Sale next Sunday (I hope). After all, there IS life apart from SL you know. Cheers!

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